Scripture Reading: Daniel 6:1-28

Erick Fromm says, “Men are born equal but they are also born different” While Emerson says, “Let not a man guards his dignity, but let his dignity guard him”

Verses 1-3 of our scripture reading today says, “Darius decided to appoint a hundred and twenty governors to hold offices throughout the empire. In addition he chose Daniel and two other to supervise the governors and look after the king’s interest. Daniel soon distinguished himself by showing that he could do better work than other supervisors or the governors. Because he was so outstanding the king considered putting him in charge of the whole empire.” As believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we have the responsibility before God and man to be different in the way we conduct ourselves, at home or public places. Regrettably, the world of today is replete (filled) with so many distractions to the extent that it is becoming difficult for believers to demonstrate their Christian characters to the full. There is always the temptation to compromise our faith, if only to, either keep our positions, jobs, ego or circle of friends. This is the bane of many Christians today.

St. Paul writing to the Corinthians says, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separated, saith the Lord, touch not the unclean things and I will receive you” (KJV). These days, it is common to find believers, willfully engaging in conducts, which negate their Christian calling (faith); just because they cannot afford to say no to authorities of the world and the flesh. How can a believer explain divorcing his wife on whatever excuse or premise? Where is forgiveness and the love of God? How can a believer explain joining forces with colleagues in the office to write petitions, which led to the sack of an employee? How can a Christian wife explain keeping a male friend and having sexual relations with him? How can a Christian man explain having a mistress outside and engaging in extra marital activities? How can a Christian explain compromising his Christian faith in the presence of his family in the village? Beloved, the questions are endless, but what the Holy Spirit requires of us is integrity, dignity and ability to say NO to whatever transgresses our relationship with God.

Daniel distinguished himself not only by his reverence to God, and his daily devotion to Him, but also in his work and conduct. St. John Marie Vianney supports the attitude and discipline of Daniel when he said, “The Saints lost sight of themselves that they might see nothing but God and labour for him alone, they might see nothing but to find only him. This is the way to reach heaven. ” St. John F. Regis says, “O my God! That I could suffer still more for your Holy Name!

“What happiness! How contented to die?!” It is expected that whenever a believer tries to distinguish himself, many enemies of his soul spring up. Same was the case of Daniel; and to achieve their plot, they framed up false charges against him. Initially, the king though reluctantly succumbed to their evil plans; but did the right thing when God arose to defend his own.

Dear friend in Christ, the Holy Spirit calls us today to see ourselves as followers and lovers of Christ. St. Peter Julian Eymard says, ‘If love Jesus, I ought to resemble him, if I love Jesus, I ought to love what he loves. What he prefers to all the humility. ” Jesus can never change because situations or circumstance, are changing (Heb. 13:8). Daniel remained resolute to the tenets of his faith, even at the pain of death. Whenever you are faced with situation, which tends to make you compromise your faith, simply say NO to it and heaven shall back you up. The Psalmist says those who hate me will be ashamed when they see that you have given me comfort and help”. (Psalm 86:17b)

Prayer Points:

1. Take the song; How great thou art

2. Is there any way you have compromised your Christian faith? Repent now

3. What is your stand concerning fetish traditional culture? Pray for yourself and all who are involved in promoting it that the Holy Spirit may be upon them.

4. Pray for kings and rulers of towns who combine their Christian beliefs with fetish traditional practices that the Holy Spirit may help them.

5. Pray for all Christians in various parts of the world facing serious challenges in the practise of their faith.

6. Pray for the grace to be part of the January 201 ^prayer and fasting programme starting January 6th – 29th 2016. Pray for its success.

Exercise: Tell others to pray and prepare for the January programme
Memory Verse: 2 Cor. 5:17