Scripture Reading: Matthew 8:1-3

St. Augustine of Hippo says, “Nothing, therefore, happens unless the Omnipotent wills it to happen: He either permits it to happen, or He brings it about Himself.”  St. Ambrose complements St. Augustine when he said, “The will of God is the measure of things.” There are times you are confronted with problems that hang on for long.  You conclude easily that ‘it is your cross’, ‘Maybe, it is the will of God’.  When the fact remains that you have not really made effort to surrender it to God or invite him to take the problem away. If you understand the plight of lepers in the Old Testament, you will understand the desperation of the man in our scriptural reference.

In the Old Testament, every leper hangs a bell around his neck, he rings the bell to announce that he was approaching because he is regarded as unclean; and nobody wants to have contact with him. You may be despised, rejected and uncared for.  Family members may consider you forgotten.  Some may say nothing good will come out of you, while others may see you as an outcast that should not be related with.  No matter what the issue may be, God is willing to make contact with you and address your issue.  Don’t run away from God because you see yourself as so unholy to approach Him or go to church for worship.  Jesus did not reject the leper.  He reached out His hand and touched the man saying ‘I am willing’, God’s will is that you are healthy that you prosper and be happy.  It is His will that you become rich.  The scripture says in 2 Corinthians 8:9, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor so that you through his poverty might become rich”.What does this mean to you?  Do you think it is wise to continue complaining to God?  Instead of claiming the blessings you have in Him, you complain of frustrations.  Rather than abandon yourself to hopelessness, stretch forth your hands to the Lord.  He will draw you up.  He is willing to help you. For it is His will to do so.

Break protocols, take a step of faith and approach Jesus today in a special manner.  Pour your heart to Him, He will certainly hear you and hold you up.  You will get the result.  Don’t wait until you see signs before you believe.  Start walking in the freedom you desire, start that business of your choice and believe in the promises of God to see you through.  God will certainly push you to the level He wants you to be.  Learn to be calm before Him for as R.H. Benson says, “It needs a very pure intention, as well as great spiritual discernment, always to recognize the divine voice”.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take the prayer of St. Benedict (meticulously).
  2. Lord, anoint my ears that I may always, hear you, the eyes of my mind that I may always see you with it.
  3. Lord, let your perfect will be done in my life in Jesus name.
  4. Every garment that is hanging on me that is not of God, I tear it down in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Lord, I decree that only your divine will shall prosper in my life in Jesus name.
  6. Lord I surrender my challenges to you (mention them).
  7. Pray for those who are rejected, the orphans and the prisoners that God will come their aid.
  8. Pray for all sick people, that the miraculous hands of Jesus will touch them.

Exercise:  Encourage someone with this reflection today

Memory verse: Psalm 103:3