Scripture Reading: Psalm 40:10

Faithfulness to God simply means obedience to His word as written in the scriptures and obedience to specific personal instructions He gives to us. Though simply defined, faithfulness is difficult for some of us. Knowing God’s instructions is not so much of an issue for a spirit-filled believer; the challenge begins at the point of doing that which we have been taught by the Spirit.

1John 2:20, 21, 27, speak of the inner knowledge of the truth which the Holy Spirit gives all who have received Him. The knowledge of the truth of godly living is not denied any true believer; the real matter that has caused most of us to stumble is the matter of faithfully doing that which we know is the truth and is godly.

James1:22-25 says; but be doers of the word, and not hearers only deceiving yourselves…being no hearer that forgets but a doer that acts, he shall be blessed in his doing (NIV). The blessing of God embedded in His word, comes to all who are not just hearers but also are doers. The Lord does not reward zeal and activities, His reward is on faithfulness.

 Jesus spoke of the stewards who were given talents to trade with, when the master was to recommend them it was their faithfulness He pointed out, not their many profits. That they obeyed the master’s instruction was first the master’s joy; none was reprimanded for bringing less than the other. However, the unfaithful servant was the one who did not follow the master’s order, although he had his many excuses, he wasn’t spared the master’s wrath. His focus is not so much on the perfection of our works as it is on our willingness and total obedience.

Faithfulness is to be prompt, willing and total in obedience. Delayed obedience is as disobedience before God because it shows unwillingness. In Isaiah1:19 the Lord says; if you are willing and obedient you will eat the food of the land. For your obedience to be faithfully carried out, you must be willing and total in it. Partial obedience like the one exhibited by Saul in the dealing of the Amalekites was to God as bad as witchcraft.

Beloved of the Lord, the Lord charges you this day to be faithful to the things He has been teaching you. Has He taught

you forgiveness, forgive. Or maybe He has taught you love and mercy or He has been speaking to you on confession and restitution, or, that you learn to control your tongue? Why not resolve today to be faithful to keeping His word so that you will be blessed.


Gen. 3: 9-15. 20; Ps 98: 1. 2-3ab. 3cd-4 (R. 1ab); Eph 1: 3-6. 11-12; Lk 1: 26-38



Prayer points:

  1. Take this prayer by Anthony Foster: “And Lord make me faithful and true. Oh Jesus I want to be conformed to You. See my old man be made new. Make me more like You. As far as I can follow. Lord make me faithful and true. When the world’s distractions are getting worse. Make me single minded to repent and not rehearse. Cause I know in the light of Your marvellous grace. Sin falls away as I see them erased. Lord make me stand in Your rain in this wilderness. And Your well I would draw deep to drink. Faithful and true Yours to know, Yours to bless. Take captive all I am and all that I think. Oh Jesus I want to be conformed to You. See my old man be made new. Make me more like You. As far as I can follow, Lord make me faithful and true.
  2. Thank God for another time to begin the year 2017 with him in prayer and fasting.

Exercise: Take meditatively the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi 2 times today.

Memory Verse: John 17:3