Scripture Reading: 13:1-4

The rate of marital infidelity in our world today calls for sober reflection.  The church in her wisdom makes it mandatory for intending couples to attend 3 – 6 months marriage course to prepare their minds about the institution they are stepping into.  On the wedding day, the glitz and paparazzi associated with the ceremony will make one think, ‘this marriage will be heaven on earth’.  In a matter of weeks, issues about infidelity starts springing up, quarrel every now and then, and soon one of the parties will say ‘I don’t think I can continue.’ The reason for happenings of this nature is obvious, but should not be the norm.  It could be possible that before marriage you had so many friends who preferred that you sleep outside your home each time you were with them.  It is also a possibility that you had other female friends or under your parents control and would always do what they say.  After marriage, all these distractions should be handed over to God so that you can please Him with your marriage.   For instance you have the responsibility of respecting your wife and considering her as your other half.  The scripture says, “A man should fulfill her duty as a wife, and each shall satisfy each others needs.” (1 Cor . 7:3).  Verse 4 says, “A wife is not the master of her body, but her husband is, in the same way, a husband is not the master of his body, but his wife is.”  Many men and even women are no longer conscious of this biblical injunction and so they think that they are free to expose themselves to other women or men outside their matrimonial homes.  This, definitely, is an abuse and dent of God’s love for which He established the institution of marriage.  This is sinful and a gross offense against God.  Some women disgrace their husbands outside and some would say, “I regret marrying you.”  I would have married that lawyer, doctor or engineer.  Statements of this nature negate the fact that God permitted the marriage, otherwise it would never have come to be.

Do you treat your husband or wife as mere article?  You don’t have any modicum of respect for him or her. Listen!  The marriage institution is older than you.  Treat it with honour.  We have seen parents who have stayed together for up to sixty (60) years.  At no point did they throw their wedding ring at each other.  They encouraged each other and raised a family.  Why not you?  Parents who honour their marriage don’t raise issues in the presence of their children.  You will never hear, ‘you are a useless woman or man.’  They learn to appreciate each other.  God respects marriage because He created it.  It was God’s own idea not man.  It was created for friendship and to raise godly seeds – a small church for God.  When you move from one woman to another or from one man to the other, it shows how much respect you have for God who created the institution of marriage. Your marriage deserves your attention, build it, nurture it, take care of it, pray for it, encourage one another in it.  Speak no evil of it.  When you disagree over issues learn to listen to one another, you will make sense out of each other.  God expects honour from this institution.  If you dishonor it, you will face the punishment reserved for those who break the laws as enshrined by God for you.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for the institution of marriage.
  2. Thank God for your marriage (if married) or other people’s marriages.
  3. Pray for your spouse that God may direct your marriage and home.
  4. Oh Lord, God of mercy I command all marriages having challenges now into your hand. Grant peace unto them in Jesus name.
  5. Lord, God of mercy, choose divinely ordained life partners for all yet to get married in Jesus name.
  6. Father, all blessings come from you, grant all marriages the wonderful blessing of the fruit of the womb in Jesus name.
  7. Holy Lord, marriage is made for companionship and holiness, grant O Lord, that all partners respect their marital vows in Jesus name (pray this for your spouse).

Exercise:  Present something to your spouse today as a token of your love for her.

Memory verse: 1 Cor. 7:5