Scripture Reading:  Luke 10:42

The realities of choice and decision-making are hallmarks of our human existence. Every day we are confronted with situations where we are obliged to make choices and take decisions based on some factors. Right from the very moment we open our eyes at daybreak till when we retire to bed at night, we are faced with different degrees of decisions to make. We have to decide whether or not to rise from bed, go to work, have breakfast and what to have, and the list is endless. Our life as man is full of choices.

Although some of the things that happen to us are not dependent on our choices, yet it remains true that many of the things that happen to us are consequences of our actions and inactions. For instance, when, where and to what family we were to be born were not products of our decision. Contrarily, the music we listen to and the books we read are all dependent on our choices.

Our lead passage today presents two actors caught in this web of decision-making. Mary and Martha both had the same alternatives from which they were to make a choice between the Master’s feet and entertaining the Master. Mary chose the master while Martha chose entertaining the Master. Jesus’ evaluative response to the request of Martha reveals that there are hierarchies of choices. Jesus didn’t condemn the part Martha had chosen but rather commended Mary’s choice and recommended it as a better option. In our daily life, we are also faced with similar choices? Do we strive to seek out better options amidst the variance of alternatives that often present themselves to us? Do we, on the contrary, rush into decision-making without proper thought? There are parts, and Mary has chosen the better part. If we must truly make right choices in life, then we must shun all actions that are driven by desire for short-term benefits and immediate gratifications. We must look deep into the future and take our eyes away from and beyond the present. There is a part that is good and another that is better. And we are called to choose the better part.

MASS: WHITE Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34:2-3.4-5.6-7.8-9 (R.7a) Accl. Jn 3:16; Jn 3:16-21

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for the gift of His word.
  2. Pray for all those seeking life partners, that God may help them make good choices.
  3. Pray for the spirit of discernment so that you will not fall into wrong choices.
  4. Mary chose the better part. I decree, Holy Spirit, be my companion in all choices and decisions that I make in the name of Jesus.
  5. Lord, wash my feet as You washed the feet of Your disciples so that I will not be carried to the place of evil in Jesus name.
  6. Alpha and Omega is Your name. Lord, let every mistake of my past that is witch-hunting me be averted by the power of the Blood of Jesus.
  7. Pray for the success of the International Retreat for all Distributors, Partners and Users of Daily Strength Devotional on Thursday 20th to Saturday 23th April 2017 holding at the Jubilee Retreat and Conference Centre, Effurun, Warri, Delta State

Exercise: Make a scale of preference of the order of your life’s choices and try to locate where God is in the choices.

Meditation: Psalms 16:7