Scripture Reading: John 2:1-11

At the Wedding Feast at Cana, a serious problem occurred—they ran out of wine. It was through Mary’s intercession before our Lord Jesus Christ that this problem was resolved, quickly and easily. Our life is full of problems, from the beginning until the end. Often, when we try to resolve our problems on our own, our problems worsen or we get tangled up in our problems.

One of the titles for Mary is Undoer of Knots. Knots, here, mean problems. We all have knotty problems in our lives. Our Lady can help us, she earnestly desires to help us. What type of problems do we have? Tons of them! Some of these might be yours: problems with parents, problems with a sibling, problems with a companion at school, problems with a class you are taking, maybe even a health issue you or a family member is experiencing. Right now look at your life and beg Our Lady to help you to see the biggest problem that you are experiencing now. Talk to Our Lady about this.

This was the first miracle that our Lord Jesus Christ performed and it was through Mary’s presence and intercession. Because of this powerful miracle, the faith of the Apostles in our Lord Jesus Christ was strengthened. Beg Our Lady to strengthen your own faith. Faith is believing in God without seeing. Pray that you never lose your faith. Pray that you will grow in your faith daily. Pray for the grace to be able to share your faith with others who have either lost their faith or never had it. One of the best ways to grow in our faith is to generously share it with others!

Child of God, God still does miracles: God still blesses marriages. God still provides. All DSD Users praying and believing God for miracles. God still wants to show us His glory. God still does new things, God still loves us. Let everyone who is participating in this GREAT MARIAN NOVENA open their spiritual eyes and in faith see God doing miracles. I can tell you from experience that He is a Father who loves to give His children good gifts. Through the intercession of our Mother Mary, may your prayers be granted in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

MASS: GREEN/WHITE Gal 1:13-24; Ps 139:1-3.13-14.15(R.24b); Accl Lk 11:28; Gospel Lk 10:38-42

Prayer Point:

  1. Take the exercise/commitment and prayers as stipulated in the GREAT MARIAN NOVENA in DSD section B

Exercise: Through her intercession, our Lord Jesus Christ turned water into wine at Cana. She can intercede for you before our Lord Jesus Christ to turn your water (problem) into wine (the solution to the problem). Remember to share 10 copies of DSD.

Meditation: Hebrews 2:4