Scripture Reading: John 2:1-11

A Christian Writer shares this thought with us on this NOVENA thus: “It is the most powerful novena I have ever prayed, and I know many people who have had prayers answered through appealing to the intercession of the Blessed Mother in this novena. I have shared this with some of you in past years, but this year it seemed to me that sharing it with our whole community would be appropriate and timely. I know of four babies conceived and born in direct answer to this novena, whose parents were told that they couldn’t have, or it would be very difficult to have, children. I know of a woman who returned to the sacraments when her sister made that one of her intentions. I know of a family that had been at odds for years who were reconciled in answer to this novena. The husband of one of my friends was in an impossible situation at his work. It was resolved during my friend’s novena. It is really powerful. This seems like an especially good time to go to our Mother and ask for help. We have the direct concern of an end to the coronavirus, and also the economic problems it has created. We want the sacraments to be available again. Also, most of us have our personal concerns to take to our Mother as well. I invite you to take your intentions to our Mother in this Novena.

God can come to us beyond Mary, He doesn’t need anything extra to encounter and love us. But sometimes, our human hearts need help. That is where Mary comes in. In John 19:26 our Lord Jesus Christ says to John, the beloved disciple, “behold your mother.” At that moment, our Lord Jesus Christ was giving all of us a gift- a heavenly mother to watch over us and lead us to Him. She takes all of our failures and faults and presents them to our Lord Jesus Christ like flowers and trophies. She intercedes for us and pleads for the grace we need to move forward in our journey to sainthood. Mary joins the Angels in protecting us from the evil one and as the spouse of the Holy Spirit bestows special graces upon even the littlest of her children.

MASS: WHITE; OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY (MEMORIAL); Gal 2:1-2.7-14; Ps 117:1.2(R. Mk 16:15); Rom 8:15bc; Gospel Lk 11:1-4

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for those reaching out with 10 copies of DSD during this GREAT MARIAN NOVENA
  2. Take the exercise/commitment and prayers as stipulated in the GREAT MARIAN NOVENA in DSD section B

Exercise: Through her intercession, our Lord Jesus Christ turned water into wine at Cana. She can intercede for you before our Lord Jesus Christ to turn your water (problem) into wine (the solution to the problem). Remember to share 10 copies of DSD. ALL DSD USERS/PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BOOK MASS AND COME OUT FOR THANKSGIVING TO THANK GOD FOR DSD @ 10 AND FOR THE CONCLUSION OF THE GREAT MARIAN NOVENA THIS COMING SUNDAY IN ANY MASS CONVENIENT TO YOUR PARISH AS A GROUP

Meditation: Mark 10:27