Scripture Reading: Mark 9:2 -10

Today being the second Sunday of Lent God is inviting us through the readings to the mountain. Fr. John Bosco Obika’s thoughts on second Sunday of Lent shall form our reflection. “Biblically, mountains are places of preparation, meditation, change, encounter with God and consequently spiritual advancement. In Ex. 31:18, the tablets of the law were given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. In 1Kg. 19:9-18, on Mount Horeb Elijah encountered God. Before starting his public ministry, Jesus went to the mountain to pray and was fortified to face the devil’s temptation. The three readings of today talk about three mountains that are very important to every child of God: Mount of Moriah as we see in the first reading, the Mount of Calvary alluded by St. Paul in the second reading and the Mount of Tabor where the transfiguration of Jesus took place according to the Gospel reading.

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