Scripture Reading: John 11:1-45

This request was sent in by one of us“I am now 34 years old but still single. Please I need God’s intervention in my life now. I have also been suffering from toilet infection since 2002 and have tried treating it so many times but it refused to go. It has affected my menstrual flow for so many years. It is now tending cancerous. I am so scared, please I need your prayer….”. Imagine the pain and trauma that this young lady is going through now. She has been praying that God may heal and bless her with a life partner. But it seems that God is silent. It seems as if her prayers are not ascending to God’s throne in heaven. Her heart is broken as she asks for God’s mercy. (Please join us to pray for this sister’s life).

Hear this: “As a dedicated Christian, my heart was broken to think that God did not care for me enough to remove the excruciating pains from chronic leukemia. I have served and believed Him so dedicatedly, and therefore expect that He will love and take care of me.” There may be so many passing through the same ordeal, with broken hearts and it appears to us that God is not responding as a result, you may be tempted to think that following Jesus is a waste of time and not worth it.

Beloved, today’s reflection seeks to restore hope and faith to the suffering, the sick and the down trodden, to enable them cling more to God, relying on and trusting in His capacity to do the unimaginable. He is God, Almighty and nothing is new or impossible to Him. In verse 32 of our scripture reference, Mary said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” Even though this was an expression of someone, disappointed and heartbroken, Jesus’ effort to come to their home bearing all risks to His life was indicative of His tender loving care for their family. Dear child of God, God loves you and can never be silent or unmindful of whatever you are passing through. The Psalmist says,” God is our Refuge and Strength, an Ever-present help in trouble.” (Psa. 46:1, NIV) Be confident for the risen Lord is with you.


Jer26:1-9; Ps 69:5.8-10.14(R.14c); Accl 1 Peter 1:25; Gosp Mt 13:54-58 WEEKDAY

Prayer Points:

  1. Holy Father, I ask for pardon for the many times I turned my gaze not on Your helping hands but on my problems. Have mercy upon me and come to my aid. Father I acknowledge that You are the Almighty and can do impossible things. Please come to my aid and help me at this moment of my difficulties (mention them).
  2. Pray seriously for the sister in our reference today. She will not die but live.

Exercise: Pray seriously for all sick members of the DSD family, that the good Lord will intervene in their affairs.

Meditation: Psa. 46:2-7