(Day 15 of the Prayer/Fasting)

Scripture Reading: I Samuel 6:1-3

Brethren as we continue our fasting programme today, I want you to say; Father, everything the enemy has taken away from me lawfully or unlawfully, must be returned to me this year in the name of Jesus. Today the spirit of God directs us to pray for total recovery. Everything you need but taken away from you will be restored to you in the name of Jesus. In Joel 2: 25 – 28, God says “I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten.” When we talk about recovery, it implies that you have something, you lost and then you got it back. It might be your zeal in the service of God, your spiritual gifts, your power of self-discipline, your thirst for purity and holiness of life, your glory, your intelligence, your health, your financial stability, your marriage, your ministry, your vocation, your promotion, your position, etc.   In 2 King 6: 5 -7, the bible tell us about the one who was cutting down trees by river Jordan and the axe head fell into the river, and then through the intervention of God he got the axe head back; that is, an example of recovery. In 1 Samuel 4:21-23, the Ark of the Covenant which was the heritage, the pride and glory of Israel was taken away.  However, in 1Samuel 6, the Ark was returned back to Israel.  Child of God, wherever your glory, your heritage, your possession has been taken to by the enemy, let confusion and calamity begin to befall them and by the power of the word of God in Obadiah 1:17, I decree that you shall possess your possession in the name of Jesus. Your heritage, your share, blessings, your vision and provision must come back to you in the name of Jesus. Total recovery of what the enemy stole from you is part of God’s promise of provision so you cannot afford to lose any part of it. Hear the sovereign Lord make a solemn on this 13th day of the fasting program: “You corn will no longer be food for your enemies, and foreigners will no longer drink your wine. But you that sowed and harvested the corn will eat the bread and praise the Lord. You that tend and gathered the grapes will drink the wine in the courts of my Temple.”(Isa. 62 :8b-9)

Prayer points:

  1. Begin your prayer with this song: “Who is like unto Thee? O Lord (2x), among the gods, who is like Thee? Glorious in holiness, And fearful in praises, Always doing wonders, Halleluiah”
  2. Plead for mercy – that God should forgive you in any way you might have sold yourself out or have allowed the enemy to take away your blessing
  3. By the power of the resurrection, I command all my imprisoned benefits to be released, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Let the consuming fire of God strike down all demonic strongholds holding any of my belongings in the name of Jesus Christ..
  5. Father, endow me with wisdom to recover all that the enemy has taken away from me in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. I paralyze every spirit of Goliath threatening to subdue me with the fire of the Hoy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.
  7. Let the mandate issued to every robber of my blessing be rendered null and void in the name of Jesus Christ..
  8. I command all my properties captured by spiritual robbers to become too hot to handle and to come back to me, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  9. Let every ungodly covenant between me and the captors of my virtue and portions, by the power in the blood of Jesus, break and release me in the name of Jesus Christ.
  10. I shut the door and the gate of my life to the plunderer of my portions in the name of Jesus Christ.
  11. Let heaven trouble every persons or group who has taken what belongs to in the name of Jesus.
  12. Let every strong man in my life, family or environment who refuses to release my blessings, breakthrough, miracle, promotion or prosperities be visited by calamities and be force to release my heritages by the angels of God in the name of Jesus Christ..
  13. I retrieve back from the hands of the enemy any of my possession that I unknowingly misplaced in the name of Jesus Christ.
  14. LORD, restore my wasted years, efforts, money, health, strength and blessings, in the name of Jesus Christ..
  15. I release my helper to come to me now, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  16. Thank you Jesus for returning my heritage to me (3x)

Exercise: Endeavour to return others people possessions unlawfully acquire by you.

Memory Verse: Obadiah 1:17