Scripture Reading:  2 Kings 4:8 -17


Share this true story with me:  A friend was always having two beggars visiting him very often.  One of them came on a day he had only ten naira with him.  My friend was confused on what to do because this amount of money would mean anything to the beggar.  However, he summoned up the courage to explain to him as he was handing over the money.  Just two hours later, he had a phone call from one person who never parts with anything.  After exchanging  pleasantries, he told him to expect some money from him; and before 4 pm that day, he had an alert of a very reasonable amount paid into his account.  “His hospitality touched the mind of God.”  In Gen. 18:2, scripture records how Abraham hurried from the entrance of the tent to meet three strangers. He reverenced them by bowing low to the ground.  In V4 he provide some water for them to wash their feet; provided a place for them to rest, while he ordered that food be prepared for these unknown guests.  This gesture of Abraham opened up an unending chapter of blessings for him and his wife Sarah.  One of the strangers (Angel) said, “I will return to you about this time next year and Sarah your wife will have a son.”(Gen 18:10)  This show of hospitality led to the fulfilment of the promise made to him by God in Gen. 15:4.  God said, “This slave will not inherit your property your own son will be your heir.”  Beloved, your kindness can touch God and change situations for you.  Our scriptural reference today talks of a rich woman of Shunem who extended love and care to a man of God, Elisha by providing food for him.  She and her husband did not

stop at inviting Elisha for meals, they built a room on the roof of their house where he could eat, rest and pass the night.  What a show of hospitality, straight from the heart!  This woman was rich and affluent in the society, but this status did not stop her from mingling with the  “poor” Jewish Prophet.  Her wealth meant nothing to her; and God seeing her level of kindness used Elisha as an instrument to bring joy to her life.  In V.16, Elisha said to her, “By this time next year, you will be holding a son in your arms.”  Just as Elisha said, she had a child the following year.

Beloved in Christ, today the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of our minds to the fact that God’s heart and hands are turned to our direction each time we show uncommon kindness to people.  As a believer wanting God’s special help, always desire to show love and care to strangers especially the less privileged.  Never attempt to drive away beggars or visitors, especially when you know that they need your assistance.  It is a known fact that in some cases, you may be welcoming angels into your house.  God also protects and showers his blessings upon us even in the days of evil, simply because of the hospitality shown to another person. Take note today that whenever you give water to a thirsty tongue, you cause streams of water to flow in the desert of your life.



Is 54: 1-10; Ps 30: 2 and 4. 5-6. 11-12a and 13b (R. 2a); Lk 7: 24-30 ADVENT WEEKDAY


Prayer Points:

  1. Take some songs of praise and worship.
  2. Pray for forgiveness for the many times you disregarded strangers and refused to assist them.
  3. Pray for all the less privileged in our society that the Lord will raise divine helpers for them.
  4. Pray for all wealthy men and women that they may use their wealth to please God.

Exercise:  Lend a helping hand to someone today.

Memory Verse:  Luke 7:44- 46