Take this prayer everyday throughout this year 2016:

“Lord, overwhelm me with your goodness and amaze me with your favour. I base my sense of value on the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. I know, one touch of God’s favour change everything for my good.”

In this  year 2016, I declare  that the Divine Gate Keeper of my life shall guide me through the narrow gate and remain my everlasting Companion, encouraging  me as  I make positive choices to follow Him with integrity and obedience. In 2016, my Eternal and Faithful God shall not abandon me in times of utter darkness when Satan the enemy of my soul threatens to devour my flesh. During moments like this, my God shall be my shield, shelter, refuge and protection. In 2016, I declare that I shall enjoy spiritual freedom, for my God, through His S on Jesus Christ, shall deliver me out of the hands of my enemies.  For as scripture says, “They shall take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand for God is with me.” (Isaiah 8:10). This year, 2016, I declare God’s incredible blessings over my life. I will definitely experience an explosion of God’s goodness, a sudden widespread increase in my material and financial capabilities. Amen. God’s favour shall be my meat this year 2016, as I will be pursued all round by divine favour. For the fact that God is in the boat of my life this year 2016, I shall never slide into unbelief, or faithlessness or doubt. Therefore, I will not worry or be scared, relying on God’s word that says, “Do not be worried and upset … believe in God and believe also in me.” (John 14:1). I will keep trusting on God’s faithfulness knowing that He can never fail or lie to me. In this year 2016, God of heaven has filled me with graces needed for every day of the year. I am full of power and strength and determination. Nothing I face will be too heavy for me to carry because God’s word in Mathew 11:28 which says, “Come to me, all you who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest.” Shall be my anchor. In my confidence, I will therefore, overcome every obstacle, every challenge and come out of every difficulty better off than I was before.

 In this year 2016, I shall not be a borrower, but a lender. My treasury shall be filled with gold and silver, from where the less privileged shall be taken care of. This year, I shall be a source of joy, happiness and fulfillment to others. I shall be beneficial to my Parish and the Church of Christ. In this 2016, I shall arise and shine for the Light and Glory of God shall shine down upon me; and I shall be fulfilled in all that I do. Amen!


O’ Lord my God, be not far from me, O God, make haste to help me for various soil thoughts rise up often against me, and great fear afflict my soul.  Lord, how can I pass without being hurt by this.

 Dear Lord, I come before you, for my confidence is in your power to protect and save me.  Defend me O’ Lord from these wicked thoughts that constantly assail me and cause them to flee from me.

Give me the grace O’ Lord my God to continue to fly to you in all my tribulations, to confide in you and to call on you from my heart, while potentially looking for your consolation in Jesus name.  Amen.