Scripture Reading:  Mark 4:16 – 17

Our Lord Jesus Christ, while commending the unjust steward because of what he had done wisely says, “For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” (Luke 16:8). The point of Jesus’ illustration is that the worldly are earthly minded enough to promote their own interests and welfare.  In contrast, believers often are not heavenly-minded enough to use their earthly passion to promote their spiritual and heavenly interests.  Yesterday, during our prayers, the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of our mind to the potency of the dust of the earth as a weapon which demonic powers utilize so freely to change the destiny of their victims.  Many Christians are ignorant of such spiritual weapons as they are also ignorant of the efficacy of the word of God, Holy Water and Oil (blessed by a Catholic Priest) in the battle against the wiles of the enemy.

In our scriptural reference today, our Lord tells us of the parable where the seed (Word of God) falls on stony ground; because it does not have any root, soon died away when tribulations and persecutions came as a result of the word.  St. Jerome says, “Ignorance of the Word of God is ignorance of God.”  There are many Christians who, having heard the Word of God, simply cannot be guided or encouraged by it when trials come.  They succumb to it so hopelessly showing that the consecration, conversion and commitment (3cs ) which are the consequences of good Christian life are totally absent.  This is because there is no depth of character and deep seated conviction in the Word of God.  In fact, they do not know that in the word of God is contained the ultimate remedy or answer to all situations that may present themselves to man.

Sometime ago someone sent a message to my Whatsapp messenger of a Pastor at Nepal, burned alive for preaching the gospel.  In that picture, people of Nepal watched him groan to death for the gospel.  Beloved, the Pastor opted to die for the gospel because he was convinced through the Word that when he closed his eyes to this wicked world, he shall be with the king of Glory in eternity.  To be continued tomorrow.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take up a worship song as you declare the word of God on situations around. (Believe the Word).
  2. According to Job 40:9, “No one has an arm like You, Lord, full of power and might, release your power of righteousness over me in Jesus name”
  3. As in Psalm 89:13, Lord, You have a mighty arm, Your hand is strong and Your right hand is high, lift me up above my adversaries in the name of Jesus.
  4. As in Exodus 15:6, Lord, release Your glorious power against the enemy of my soul in the name of Jesus Christ
  5. According to Matthew 10:1, I release the power and authority of the Lord against all dreams I encounter in the name of Jesus.
  6. The Word of God says in 2 Chronicles 11:1, Lord, I am Your end-time Warrior, use me as Your weapon against the enemy in the name of Jesus.
  7. Standing on the authority of your Word in Psalm 18:17,and pray: “O Lord deliver me from my strong enemy, from them that are too strong for me”
  8. Pray for the repose of the soul of the Nepal Pastor and for conversion of the people of Nepal.s

Exercise:  Spend sometime today at the Blessed Sacrament.

Memory Verse:  Matthew 8:25.