Scripture Reading: Luke 18:17
Albert Einstein introduces this reflection with this quote, “The secret of my success – I remained a child.” George Orwell took it further thus, “Only a child’s life is a real life.” Fulton Sheen has this to say also, “In the divine solicitude for children was the affirmation that there are certain elements in childhood which ought to be preserved in the highest manhood; that no man is truly great unless he can recapture something of the simplicity and humility of the child.” Great insights about God, outstanding knowledge about things of God, revelations are only granted to humble minds. As we transform from childhood to adulthood, we accumulate many things, prestige, position, powers and possessions and when summed up, they build our ego to the extent that it becomes difficult to walk humbly and simply before God. Indicators of ego are comments like, “a whole me” “do you know who I am?” A Catholic priest narrated this story as testimony: “A very well-to-do man approached him for prayers for all were not well with his household, and after the counseling, the Priest told him, ‘part of your spiritual exercise is to wash the toilet of the church for some days’. Initially the man was like ‘Father please, I did not hear you well.’ Yes! That is what you will do. The man went and did what the Priest had told him, and he received restoration from the Lord.” God is our Father and indeed we are His children, if we must be able to access Him totally as Father then we must always come to Him, with innocence, honesty, purity of heart and mind, humility, simplicity, obedience, faith, trust, love, absolute reliance and dependence, because He is an awesome God. There are things the Lord wants us to do but are often suffocated because of ego. How do you feel when you encounter a “humbling” activity? Jesus did something special for us, taking up to die a shameful death on the Cross. Do not let your ego, personality, status, pride, prestige, and position stop you from doing something which the Lord wants you to do. St. Theresa of Kolkata reveals one of the attitude of her success in the ministry of the Lord as she always prayed, “I want to become so small that I can enter into the Heart of Jesus” Only those with childlike attributes can follow God’s leading.
MASS: WHITE Deut. 4:32-40; Ps.77:12-13.14-15.16.21(R.12a); Accl. Matt. 5:10; Matt. 16:24-28 ST. CLARE, V. (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points
Our Father, I come to You as Your child; please save me from all forms of attitude that makes me to pride about life.
Guide me O Lord, with a humble and obedient spirit so that I will always seek You in simplicity of heart and mind in Jesus name.
Take the “Prayer of Self-Surrender to God” in DSD.
Pray meditatively the prayer, “Stay With Me” by St. Padre Pio in DSD.
Exercise: Pray the Divine Mercy prayers seriously today.
Meditation: Philippians 2:7-9