Scripture Reading: JOHN 8:2-11

Imagine a condemned criminal ready for the gallows; his hands tied behind him, a black veil over his head, his feet on the plank which would give way in seconds, and his neck, caressed by the noose that would soon snap life out of him. Imagine that, just when he prepares to hear the final judgment, before his entire weight is borne by the noose around his neck, he hears the supreme authority over his case pronounces, ‘NOT CONDEMNED’. That was the situation of the woman in our scripture reading. She was a sinner through and through. A married woman, probably with children, who left home early one morning to commit the abominable. She was so wrapped up in sin that, while others hurried out that morning to hear the Master teach, this adulterer hurried to satisfy her sinful inclination. More still, she was so relaxed and taken over by lust that she was caught in the act! If there was ever a person deserving of the consequence of the sin of adultery as prescribed by Moses, it was this woman. She deserved nothing less than death; a disgrace to motherhood, dishonour to marriage, and a disease to a healthy society.

However, here was the verdict of the Holiest of holies; “neither do I condemn you….” How come? Most self-righteous hypocrite would ask. The answer is this: He is, “Him that justifies the ungodly” (Rms. 4:5) (KJV). He is the God that justifies the wicked and the abominable, whose only hope rest on Him. St. Bernard says, “The goodness of God knows how to use our disordered wishes and actions, often lovingly turning them to our advantage while always preserving the beauty of His order”. No matter how terrible a sinner is, no matter how many righteous leaders condemn him, the moment he comes before Jesus, he is declared not condemned. Ironically, salvation is not for the righteous but for the unjust, the wicked, the lawful captive, and in fact, the worst of men.

Without mincing words, and without fear of men’s judgment, Jesus clearly announced that He came for the sinners. He wasn’t ashamed to be called the ‘friend of sinners’. Beloved, at those times when your unworthiness glares at you, when the guilt of past sins looms over you, or when many accusing fingers point at you, and men’s eyes scream “condemned!” at you, never forget, there is Him who justifies the ungodly. Run to Him, no man can lay a charge against the one whom the Lord declares; “neither do I condemn you,” upon. Remember, Jesus doesn’t condemn, He justifies. (Lk. 9:55) (NKJV)

MASS: WHITE 1 Mac 1: 10-15. 41-43. 54-57. 62-64; Ps 119: 53. 61. 134. 150. 155. 158(R.88) Accl Jn 8:12; Lk 18:35-43

Prayers Points:

1. Thank God for Jesus’ Death justifies you.

2. Bring to Him every unworthiness.

3. Pray for the conversions of sinners

4. Take the Prayer of Trust in the Divine Mercy Prayers

Exercise: Pray for that unbelieving child.

Meditation: Isaiah 43:25