Scripture Reading: Colossians 2:12
“…You see how your old, evil nature died with him… and then you came up out of death with Him into a new life because you trusted the word of the mighty God…”
If we are sincere disciples of Christ, and not like the hypocritical Pharisee in the parable Jesus gave, genuine believers will always see aspects of our lives that need improvement or even a total make-over. When we study some of God’s holy standards or Christ’s commands and admonitions to His disciples, it’s always ever clear that we are far below standard.
Are there any bad habit you still struggle with? Is your walk with God in shambles? It is even possible that because of your position, as a leader, you are only maintaining a front in the midst of the brethren, whereas your true spiritual state is a mess. Beloved, are you in need of a newness or change in your life?
To be raised to a new level of life is not done by power nor by might. Lasting and enduring change doesn’t come by discipline nor by regulation. Pius self-denial, human thinking and logic will not accomplish anything that will endure. These may appear to work for a time but when seriously tempted, they would all fail. For there to be a lasting and enduring change in the matter of bad habits and attitudes, reoccurring sin, unstable emotions and compulsive sinful behavior, one must believe in the power of God who raises the dead.
Does this mean that we should be complacent, sit back and fold our hands, waiting for God to come and raise us? No. What it means is that, while we desire change and seek it, we must acknowledge our incapacitation before God, and also to ourselves. We must acknowledge our feeble nature and that except we are helped by God, nothing tangible will come out of us. A song writer wrote “No preparation can I make, my best resolve I only break …except thou help me I must die! (Catholic Hymn book no. 66).This is the truth. Any man who hasn’t come to this understanding concerning the failings of his life will never know a raising. Isaiah 41:13-16, best describes this. The Lord says; “Little worm: weak, spineless child, I will help you.” Only God has the capacity to raise us from the dark pits we have fallen into.
MASS: WHITE Lev. 23:1.4-11.15-16.27.34b-37; Ps. 81:3-4.5-6ab.10-11ab (R.2a); Accl. 1 Pet. 1:25; Matt. 13:54-58 ST. JOHN MARYVIANNEY P. (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points:
1. Take this chorus until you feel the power of the Lord in your life: “What manner of a man is Jesus alleluia…….”
2. Take the prayer, “Against the Spirit of the Valley in “AMEN: It is done”, prayer book.
3. Cry to the Lord to raise you from every bed of affliction, poverty and debt.
4. Ask the Lord for an enduring change in all unfavorable conditions in your life.
Exercise: Don’t keep silent concerning your request to the Lord, keep pouring out to Him.
Meditation: Psalms 50:15