Scripture Reading: John 10:10b

In our world today, there are so many life threatening challenges everywhere, as a result of this people move from place to place seeking for solution.  While the focus is on getting solution, we fail to objectively analyze the source of the solution and because of this, so many have entered the wrong hands.  It is not every solution that is desirable. Today, our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to get a very important point clear about who to go to. Verse 10a of our of our scripture reading says, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy”.  In the first place, the devil is identified as a thief, as a thief he comes to take something precious that God has given to us.

The mission of devil has nothing good to offer, yet so many go to the devil to seek solutions for life challenges.  When most times our life become threatened by death, we are almost tempted to seek for solution from anywhere and any means. It is very painful to see how  children of God go to the devil to seek solution to challenges.  The devil is so cunny that he does not come to us wearing black and white or having long tails, he uses people that are his agents.

Jeremiah 27:9-10 warns us, “Do not listen to your prophets or to anyone who claims he can predict the future, either by dreams or by calling up the spirits of the dead or by magic.  They all tell you not to submit to the King of Babylonia.  They are deceiving you and will cause you to be taken far away from your country.  I will drive you out, and you will be destroyed.” So many people have wrongly been directed to the wrong places for solution where the devil is actually the one proffering the solution.   Hear this:  A Sister was taken to one spiritualist who claim to be one of the Pentecostal Pastors by a friend.  She was prayed with and given something that looks like olive oil to drink.  Thereafter, she was no longer herself.  She started itching and some liquid started coming out from her private part.  She was scared and called me for some prayers and counselling.  We prayed.  Though I did not hear from her anymore but I believe God for her restoration.  Some think that because miracles (or magic) take place in so many praying centers; that it is actually God that is at work there.   Satan can also perform miracles; do you doubt it?  See what Exodus 7:8-12 reveals, “The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “If the king demands that you prove yourselves by performing a miracle, tells Aaron to take his stick and throw it down in front of the king, and it will turn into a snake.”  So Moses and Aaron went to the king and did as the Lord had commanded.  Aaron threw his stick down in front of the king and his officers and it turned into a snake.  Then the king called for his wise men and magicians, and by their magic they did the same thing.  They threw down their sticks, and the sticks turned into snakes”.  Always be conscious of the power that is at work, do not be easily deceived, do not be gullible, do not let problems becloud the spirit of discernment and reason, for the bible even admonishes us to test all spirits.  Any solution outside God is only a devil’s palliative designed to steal you from your Creator.

Beloved in Christ do not be deceived, some people seek powers from different medium, from witchcraft kingdoms, marine kingdoms, occult kingdoms, native doctors.  Matthew 24:23-24 advises us thus, “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah! Or “There he is! Do not believe him.  For false Messiahs and false prophets will appear, they will perform great miracles and wonder in order to deceive even God’s chosen people if possible”. Only Jesus can save us, all we need is to mend our relationship with Him. Make friend with Jesus.   The truth is that God’s miracles are provoked easily by righteous living, personal conviction and trust in God who saves.

Prayer points:

  1. Lord, forgive me for seeking solutions from the wrong places in the past
  2. Lord, revive the spirit of discernment in me.
  3. Lord, order my steps in the right place when I am facing challenges.
  4. Meditate with Jeremiah 23:11-14
  5. Pray for the sister in our story today and others who out of ignorance submit themselves to satanic manipulation

Exercise:  Renounce every power that you have sought that did not come from God.