not receiving Daily Strength Devotional reflections via mails?

If you have subscribed for the Daily Strength Devotional email channel and you are not receiving,

  1. Note that these mails may have been labelled and redirected to ‘Spam’ or ‘Promotions’ or ‘Updates‘ folders. Please do well to check in these folders.If you are able to find them in any of these folders do well to move them to your primary folder so that they can subsequently appear there automatically. You can also add the email address to your email contact list/ address book. This too will make mails from Daily Strength Devotional appear in your primary inbox.
  2. You may not be subscribed. Yes. There are two emailing lists in the Daily Strength Devotional email channel, one is the free mailing list, the other is the paid subscription list. The free mailing list receives mail of important announcements and upcoming programmes. The paid subscription list receives Daily Strength Devotional reflections daily in the inbox of any mail address of their choice.You can JOIN HERE 


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