1. Lord deliver me from lesbian world and dream husband or dream sexual pratner. lead me to my Divine husband 

2. Asking God to direct my Children to their divinely and ordained life partners,  Give my Children good jobs.  Asking GOD to let His will be done in the life of my children, husband and my entire family members.

3. Financial breakthrough and to locate my destiny helper(s).

4. I m praying to disconnect from bad friends and be connected to new friends. Grace to get rid of secret sin. Deliverance upon my siblings.  Blessings of good health and wealth upon my brothers and sisters. Divine protection. good job opportunity, house and wife. Good business idea.

5. I pray for God’s divine favour where I seek for Restaurant space and in no distant time my landlord should sell the property to me in a cheap rate, so I can own the place and build a fast food there. I also pray that my business name Will Sell all over the world and be known for Quality. I pray that I may Serve God and do my business in good health, Through Christ our Lord. Amen

6. Asking God to direct,perfect and lead me as I start my business and erect a building next year 2021.Pray for a life partner that is God fearing,loving,gentle and kind.Pray for the soul of my late husband Mr Fidelis O. Protection on my life and my daughter. These I pray to the Lord.Amen

7. Thanking God for gift of life ad praying for mercy ad pardon upon me and family.
Praying for fear of God in my family ad he should help us to love him wit all my heart, mind ad souls

8. Praying for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for my children and God’s protection over us.
Praying for God’s healing hand  of  mercy upon all the sick
Mother Mary intercede Amen.

9. Praying for promotion  in my place of work.

10. For Grace to do God’s will, total libration in my family, good life partner for my children and holy life for her vocation,divine healing,good job for my husband and children

11. I commended your good works, but I need your prayer on open doors for financial breakthrough.

12. Asking for God’s healing for my husband U O. and my son D. A.
_ For financial break through in my family.
_  Asking God to intervene on our lands which the enemies are trying to snatch away from us.
 – Asking God to give me the grace to stand firm and to trust in him through out this time am passing through different challenges of life.

13. I want God to deliver and heal me completely and permanently from epilepsy and fibroid. I also want God to send me my life partner.

14. Praying for healing for my husband and I 
Life partner for my 27 years old daughter
Job for my son Paul
Promotion in my place of work 
Repentance of my 2nd son
In Jesus Christ mighty name Amen

15. I was hit by a stray bullet at the back of my neck in the dream and all I was saying is I will not die.
Praying for God to uproot everything shot into my life and return them back to sender and grant me good health and success in life. Thank you Jesus. 

16. Praying for total deliverance from faulty foundation, ancestral powers, witchraft manipulations and spiritual husband. And also praying for divine marital settlement and protection against all forms of attack. Thank you Jesus.