Scripture Reading: Mark 4:16-17

Our reference today says. “Other people are like the seeds that fell on rocky ground. As soon as they hear the message, they receive it gladly. But it does not sink deep into them, and they do not last long. So when trouble or persecution comes because of the message, they give up at once”. In John 1: 1-2. the scripture says. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, He was with God from the beginning”. Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the Word of God. This Word has the ability to nurture us from a sinner to a saint. The reason is that it’s spirit and life. As this year gradually comes to an end. and as we prepare to join other Users of Daily Strength and other Christians worldwide to embark on the 2016.’21 days of fasting and prayers to start up the year, the Holy Spirit points to us areas of concern. He wants us to nurture our spiritual root through dedication and study of the Word of God. Friend, the world we live is full of trials and temptations and it is important that we are strongly rooted in the Word of God (Jesus Christ). so that we shall not be easily overwhelmed, defeated or swayed away by the arrival of contrary winds.

In our reference today, the Lord tells us the parable where the seed (Word of God) falls to the ground, but because it does not hove any root, soon dies away as soon as trials and tribulations come. These set of people succumb to temptations m on attempt to look for an easy way out of a challenge. In some cases, such believers deny God and his Word if only To escape front the consequences of the adverse wind blowing towards their direction. The reason for this fear and denial of the truth is because there is no depth in godly character and deep-rooted conviction of the power in the Word of God. Such persons do not know that the ultimate solution of the problem can only be found in the word of God. This is so with many believers today. They tend to speak of the Word when things are well, but deny its power and glory when a contrary wind sets into the boat of their lives.

Dear reader, I do not know what must have been happening to you since the beginning of this year or what you are going through now, Note that whatever it may be. go back to the instrument in your hand, given to you by God (the Word of God). Search out what the word of God says concerning that situation, apply the Word to it. as you apply balm on a hurting part of your body; then watch that bad situation fade away as dew before early morning sun. Hear this. “… man does not live by bread alone hut In every word that comes from the  mouth of the Lord (Deut. 8:3). This word is very near to you: it is in your heart. (Deut 30:14) so use it to disorganize the powers of the enemy challenging your peace. Beloved in Christ, the plan of God’s word standeth sure and when it is spoken, it has that power to foil the plans of the enemies (nations) and thwart their evil purposes against you. (Ps 33:10).

In view of these, dear beloved in Christ, hold unto the Word of God today: use it as your shield, spear and buckler. Let the Wort! he in you. daily as fire in your heart (Jer. 20:9) and lamp unto yout feet (Ps 119:105). Christians w ho understand these do not give up on God and his word: rather they hold tenaciously on it. hiding it in their heart (Ps. 119:11). nurture it. and allow it to grow, then apply it on situations. Hear this. I met one daughter of Zion during our Evangelical Outreach Programme at St. Ferdinand Catholic Church. Ipaja. Lagos, and she said to me. “I believe totally in the Word of God. because l know that the Words are His and since God cannot lie. his Words must be true. So I do not whim or whimper when I hold on his Word. I take his word to hint and he answers me speedily”. Her words encouraged me and I thank God for meeting a woman of such faith in God and his Word Beloved in the Lord, the Word of God as contained in the Bible in your best weapon and tool in times of trials, because they are out spiritual weapons of warfare and lamp unto our feet. Beloved root yourself in the Word of God and prevail over your circumstances.

Prayer Points:

1. Take a praise worship song as you are led

2. Eternal Father. I am weak in the study of your Word: come to my aid I pray in Jesus name

3. Lord. I bring the world before you. Give your creature the conviction of the truth in your Word so that man may no longer depend on himself but dwell m your unfailing Word, in Jesus name.

4. Pray for yourself that the Lord grants you the physical and spiritual power to be part of the 21 days of Prayers & Fasting programme starting 6 to end 29′ January 2016.

Exercise: Announce this programme to others.

Memory Verse: Psalm 119:105