Scripture Reading: Job 1:1-5

Blessed James Albzrione starts this day for us in the following counsel: ‘ With his coming, Jesus taught us to eradicate every vice and to live a life of righteousness in the faith observance of our duties. Jesus chooses his first adorers from among good simple and upright shepherds, because they had a lively faith. How do we rank alongside the shepherds? ”

Brother Job keyed into the fact that the celebrations of the coming of Jesus Christ or any celebrations were primarily to announce God’s glory and power. With this understanding, he took time to bring his children before the Lord. Verse 5 of our Scripture reading says, “After each series of banquets, Job would send for his sons and daughters and have them purified…” Beloved, why would Job do this? Verse 5b of our reference says, “Perhaps they have sinned and blasphemed against God in their hearts.” This action of job, every morning after a festival is very important and a lesson for Christian parents of today. Understandably, some of your children may not be staying with you but it is important to put their names in the prayers of purification and sanctification just to aid their souls. As job said, in the joy, cheers, and jubilation associated with celebrations, that families have when they gather, it is very possible for some of the children to slide into sinful activities. Some may be involved in sexual relations unknown to their parents. In the frenzy of the celebration, they may defile themselves, open themselves up to satanic attacks, and thereby put their souls in danger. Beloved, our days of celebration should be days of sanctification. Very often when our celebrations are not well guarded and tailored to suit God’s character and purpose they can deteriorate into sexual or drinking orgies, which defiles not only the actors but also even the families.

Beloved, can you then say of certainty that you and your family have not profaned God during the past days. Are you sure that you have not neglected your higher calling in Christ-holiness, by your actions during these few days of celebrations? Are you sure that you and your children have not spoken profane or obscene words during and after the celebrations/ Have you not unduly boasted of your wealth and comfort? If you are involved in all or any of those, do not be upset, because he who sanctifies is alive. Remember that the precious blood of the slain Lamb is available to remove the guilt and purge us of all sins, due to our ignorance and carelessness. Let the cleansing fountain from the side of Jesus purify and sanctify you and your children. Let us pray.

Prayer Points:

1. Give thanks to God for yet another Christmas.

2. Lord, I thank you for a hitch free celebration.

3. As Job woke up in the morning to present his children to you in prayer, I come before you with all members of my household for forgiveness of our sins, cleansing with your precious blood and restoration in Jesus name.

4. Pray earnestly for sanctification and restoration through the blood of Jesus.

5. Pray for other celebrations that they shall be guided by the Lord.

6. Pray for Daily Strength Distributors and Financial Partners that God may aid them to continue to grow.

7. Pray for the success of the 21-day fasting program starting 6th January to 29,h January 2016.

Exercise: Inform someone of the 21 -day fasting starting from January 6th

Memory Verse: Eccl. 7:2