Scripture Reading: Psalms 25:4

Our reference today says, “Show me your path, o Lord; point out the road for me to follow”. New Living Translation). This was the cry of the patriarch David, when several situations of life baffled him. He found himself surrounded by several enemies, plagued with afflictions and distress and hunted by the guilt of his past sins. In his confusion he sought the Lord. He knew God had a plan for him and that no matter what he was going through, God’s plan will never be thwarted. But there was something very essential which David also realized; that God’s path and ways were different from men’s and that for God’s plans to be fulfilled in any life, such a one must learn to discover and submit to God’s ways.

In Isaiah 55:8, the Lord says, “My thoughts,” says the Lord, “are not like yours, and my ways are different from yours. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways and thoughts above yours.”  The implication of these words to our daily life is that, unless the Lord helps us we will always reject His plan and purpose for us. This will happen not because we want to be rebellious, but because between us and God, there is a vast difference in thinking patterns and levels.

As we go through life, daily we encounter issues and find ourselves in perplexing circumstances that make us want to question whether God is still around. But like David, if we come to this understanding that God has His own ways and walks on a different path from humans, we will learn to submit to whatever road He chooses to pass us through. The matter, however, is that, the ways of God are not known to men, they are hidden. For a man to discover God’s ways and paths, he has to be taught by God and be led through it by God Himself. How than can a man discover the ways of God?

According to one Christian author, “God teaches us His ways and reveals His thoughts to us by His Spirit.” So for us, as God’s children, to learn His ways, we must be familiar with the person of the Holy Spirit and must learn how to be led by Him.

It is the personal responsibility of every child of God, to receive from the Holy Spirit the direction for his life. Most believers prefer not to take up this personal responsibility; they don’t want to depend on their personal relationship with God, because it takes time and effort to develop it. They would rather go to a man or woman of God for direction than seek to build an intimate relationship with God. It is the extent of your intimacy with God that will determine the extent to which you can know His ways and thoughts. So many difficulties and trials would be avoided in your life if you can just take out time to build an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn to sincerely cry from your heart;  “teach me Your ways, oh Lord”! Beloved, the Lord is willing to show you His way, we only need to draw near to hear what He has been saying.

MASS: RED Gen 1: 1-19; Ps 104: 1-2a. 5-6. 10 and 12. 24 and 35c; Mk 6: 53-56 PAUL MIKI, P, MT, & CO., MTS M

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song praising God for His goodness to you.
  2. As the scripture says, Your ways are different from my ways. Lord, open me up to Your Spirit that I may know You and accept whatever comes to me according to Your will.
  3. In the power of Your Spirit O God, grant me the grace of a fervent and persistent prayer life in Jesus name.

 Exercise: Deliberately ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His thought to you in both the minor and major decisions that confront you. (Take a vigil prayer today from 12.30 am to 3am)

Meditation: Psalm 32:8