Scripture Reading:  Genesis 6:5-7

A certain section of the South-Southern part of Nigeria had very early contact with the Western world especially during the slave trade and the coming of the early missionaries. This early association result in the picking of some names from the White visitors. Names such as:  School, Hospital, Money, Gold, Silver etc, were given to their children as names.  During the time of President Goodluck Jonathan, people tracing how he grew from being a pauper to becoming a President, they believed that such blessings are not ordinary but associated with his name “Goodluck”.  So many people gave their children the name “Goodluck”.  There is just one name that people have dreaded to answer and the name is “JEZEBEL”.  This name means wickedness.  When a person tells you that somebody is a “Jezebel” you already know what the person is talking about. Wickedness is an evil or diabolical action.  It is ungodly because actions of wickedness are against God and what He expects from us as humans.  From our reflections today, the wickedness perpetuated by man on the face of the earth made God to have a rethink about creating man and their wickedness led to the first destruction of man on earth.  In Genesis 6:12 says: “God looked at the world and saw that it was evil, for the people were all living evil lives.”  Spirit of wickedness is thus an attitude or a nature that promotes evil, diabolical and violent deeds.

From the pages of our Newspapers, the television, radio, all what we hear are cases of wickedness. All over the world, hundreds of people are killed on daily basis through bombings.  How are you treating that child place under your care? Do you starve the child, or subject the child to dehumanizing activities or placed on hard labors? Is the child in school like yours or simply taking care of your children and business place? Hear this, as a child, I was meant to travel a distance of over twenty kilometers to the farm to harvest cassava. I carried out this assignment almost three twice a week without food and after school. As a child I did all that because I was told that I was being trained to be strong. Can you imagine a young lad of about eleven years old asked to strip necked before fellow children on the day he was baptized? This is the height of wickedness. This happened to me. It was dehumanizing, inhuman and wicked. The joy of my baptism disappeared and I wept all day. Are you planning to destroy any life simply because you were told the truth. Are you against anyone’s progress or frustrating someone’s promotion in your place of work? Do you want to kill your brother and take over his possession? Why have you hidden or destroyed the file of your fellow human being because you do not want him to succeed.  Are you frustrating your tenants because you feel that you are on top; what about that innocent child’s script you have not marked because he or she has no money to “sort” you? Do you beat up your wife? That product you produce, do you care about how it will affect the lives of the users or that it could  even be a cancer agent.

Every act of wickedness no matter how minute it appears must be paid for. This is because wickedness frustrates God’s purposes in the life of man.  The end of the wicked is always disastrous, this is what God told Jezebel in 1 Kings 21:23, “And concerning Jezebel, the Lord says that dog will eat her body in the city of Jezreel.”  Dear friend in Christ, as we examine ourselves during this holy season of Lent, let us take careful note of all these with a view to repent where applicable.  Be kind and compassionate.

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord I thank you for opening my eyes to the gravity of evil that wickedness promotes.
  2. I renounce in the name of Jesus, every spirit of wickedness in my life.
  3. Every instrument of wickedness working against my life be destroyed now in Jesus name.
  4. Pray for those who are in secret cults that they will renounce their memberships and follow Christ.

Exercise:  Any activity that you engage in that causes pain and sorrow to your neighbor, stop it.

Memory Verse:  Proverbs 11:18