Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 2:20
The Psalmist opens today’s reflection with this lamentation: “Why do the nations conspire, and the people plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against God and His anointed ….” (Psa. 2:1-3) What do you do when God has set a course for you and the enemy comes along to halt the plans of the Divine? Do you bow to the lie that says it will not happen or do you choose to see the greater picture?
It is found among those who chant that the rubble is too great to rebuild, the rocks are ash and that the current state is better than attempting to take on such a feat of renewal and consecration. It is spoken by those who desire to maintain control and power, an insecure and fearful religious exterior, bearing a garment of intimidation. This is the spirit of Sanballat, alive and well and spewing the agenda of the status quo along with his parroting sidekick, Tobiah. These are wicked viruses that conspire together to destroy even the plans of God. It does not matter to them provided they achieve their wicked and selfish goals.
The spirit of Sanballat brings accusation to their victims, not minding if they are displeasing God by their actions. He belittles the conception, tries to destroy the seed of purpose and aborts the process. Our response, like Nehemiah, should be, “The God of heaven will give us success; therefore, we His servants will arise and build, but you have no portion, right or memorial in Jerusalem.” (Nehemiah 2:20) Sanballat did not relent. The enemy loves to speak the proclamation of his own destiny over the people of God because if he can get a holy nation to disregard the voice of their God and His instruction then he gains ground. The spirit of Sanballat is cowardly. It is a mask of intimidation strapped upon the face of insecurity and fear. They are usually very angry especially when they find out that the work of God is continuing. The Holy Spirit says to you today not to lose faith but move on, relying on God for defence and protection. Beloved, do not be afraid of the conspirators, simply pray and be certain that God will place you on the victory path.
MASS: GREEN 1 Kgs 10:1-10; Ps 37:5-6. 30-31. 39-40 (R.30a); Accl.Jn 17:17ba; Mk 7:14-23
Prayer Points:
1. Pray for the courage to overcome every set back in your God-given mission.
2. Pray against every spirit of Sanballat in your life and family.
3. Take the prayer, “Overcoming Demonic/Wicked Conspiracies” in “Amen: It is Done” (pages 46-47).
Exercise: Take the prayer against spiritual attack in “Amen It is Done” (pg. 77).
Meditation: Jeremiah 1:8.