Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 2:20
Once the breaches were closed, Sanballat and Tobiah attempted to bring harm to Nehemiah, but to no avail. As we read the remainder of the account, the enemy’s plan is brought to rubble because the city is rebuilt, the law is re-established, the people responded and repented, the nation is reformed, Tobiah is removed, the wall is rededicated and the people are revived.
Do you understand what this voice desires to do, this spirit of Sanballat? He comes after the fortification of the people of God; the renewal of His body. He comes to stop the progress and to steal divine assignments. The people’s response was not one of whining or complaining, but it was to keep building the wall, to close the breaches and to fight if necessary so that God’s plan could be fulfilled, calling a people back to holiness and right standing with Him.
Sanballat fought the repair because he understood that where a wall is erected, watchmen are established. He challenged the apostolic mandate to build a foundation for the prophetic to stand upon so that vision could be restored. He attempted to dissolve the unity of the people through fear and intimidation.
The rhetoric from within the body today that we are not equipped for spiritual battle is a partnership with the spirit of Sanballat and it needs to cease. It is a parasite infiltrating the ranks of believers, leaving members in a stuporous state to accept a mediocre and defeated existence. When you discern the spirit of Sanballat rearing his ugly head and trying to suffocate the breath of God upon your mandate, keep building and shut him up.
Child of God, stay on the wall and decree and declare what the Holy Spirit would have you to say and not what man desires to hear. Partner with the apostolic and stand upon the solid foundation of the Word. If you have come off of your wall, get back on it! Stop listening to the voice of Tobiah saying that a fox will break down the wall where you have been established by God Himself. Refuse to give an ear to the voice that says your pursuit of His will is a waste of time and energy. Be like those watchmen in Isaiah 62 that refuse to keep silent day or night, giving the Lord no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise on the earth.
MASS: GREEN/WHITE1 Kgs 11:4-13; Ps 106:3-4. 35-36. 37.40 (R.4a); Accl. Jm 1:21bc; Mk 7:24-30 JEROME EMILIANI, P, RF/ JOSEPHINEBAKHITA, V
Prayer Point:
Take the “Prayer to Release Your Children/Ward from Satanic Dominion/Influence” in “Amen: It is Done” (pg. 75).
Exercise: Take the “Prayer Against Evil Family Pattern” in “Amen: It is Done” (pg. 86).
Meditation: Jeremiah 1:10.