Scripture Reading: James 1:2-5
Brethren, as soldiers of Christ, the Scripture tells us to expect hardships and sufferings (2 Tim. 2:3; 3:1-4, 13); so we must be prepared. Today, there is another but often neglected dimension of pain that we want to highlight. This new insight will be conveyed through a story told by Fr. Emmanuel Okami about a girl called Toyin.
Toyin, a very brilliant and pretty young girl was 13 years old when she experienced for the first time, a terrible pain around her abdomen. She thought she was going to die when she observed blood flowing from her “organ”. She told her mother, who sat her down and explained to her what it meant. It was a moment of “joyful-grief” for her. She learnt two fundamental things that day. First, she is growing into maturity; second, she will be experiencing such pains periodically and so must prepare for it. However, every month, the pain comes with new intensity and agony. When Toyin was 16 years old, by then in SS 2, she confided in a Youth Corper, Ebuka who was her biology teacher about her periodic pain. He promised to treat her pain, free of charge. That evening, with joy she went to his house to get the “easy-way-out” treatment. Ebuka took advantage of her innocence and naivety, deflowered her and made her believe that that was a lasting treatment to her periodic pain. Three weeks after, Corper Ebuka finished his NYSC and left the town with no trace of his whereabout.
Just as Toyin was told by Ebuka – for two months, she was no longer experiencing that acute pain. This was a testimony for Toyin the naïve innocent girl. She joyfully took the “good news” to her mum joyfully explaining how ex-Youth Corper, Ebuka had helped her and how pain-free she has become. The mum almost lost her sanity that day. When the mother came back to herself, she rushed and hushed her to the clinic for a test. The result tallies with what is expected.
That was the beginning of her irreversible suffering and pain. A sword began to pierce her soul from the age of Sixteen. She exchanged a gainful and necessary pain for a shameful and easy-way-out treatment. It is the story of the price of ignorance and the tricks of the evil one. Toyin’s periodic pain was a gainful one but her naivety and lack of endurance cost her to lose the gain in the pain.
Acts 16:11-15; Ps 149:1b-2.3-4.5-6a.9bc (R.4a); Accl Jn 15:26b.27a; Gosp Jn 15:26-16:4a
Prayer Point:
1. My beloved Jesus, weighed down under the burden of my trials and sufferings, renew my strength and my courage to gain from all the pain You have allowed to come to me. Amen. (Pray meditatively three times).
Exercise: Join the (DSPN) every Tuesday early morning prayer session. (TIME:1.00 am to 2.00 am) Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber.
DSPN Prayer Points:
1. In the next seven DSDPN midnights prayers, we will enter into strategic prayer of pulling down every Jericho wall in our lives and families, pray to be part of it. (Note: Buy thirteen (13) normal candles, and bless by a Catholic Priest, follow instructions in our next midnight).
Meditation: 2 Tim. 2:3.