Scripture Reading; Hebrews 11:11-15

Some years ago, I boarded a Warri bound Aero Contractor Flight from Lagos. The pilot had wheeled to the runway and done all the preparations for take-off, when he noticed that the entrance door was not securely locked. All we noticed was that the Aircraft was being pulled back to base. This was easily possible because the pilot had not taken off. If the aircraft was already airborne (point of no return) before noticing the defect, he would either have continued the flight or attempt an emergency landing. Beloved all through the life of the Church, we hear and read of saints, ordinary people, who did extraordinary things because they had a vision and were prepared to actualize it. Hence, St John Eudes says, “Our wish, our object, our chief occupation must be from Jesus to ourselves, to make the spirit, His devotion, His affections, His desires and His disposition live and reign there.” Many missionaries, from different denominations left their countries for Africa, without minding the closeness of death and the sufferings inherent in their decisions. V. 15 of our scriptural reference says, “If they had been thinking of the land they had left behind, they would have had the opportunity to return.” Heb. 12:2 complements this statement saying, “Looking unto Jesus the pioneer and perfecta of our faith, who for the sake of the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, disregarding its shame …”

Dear child of God, the Holy Spirit says this to you today, “The moment you take your stand to follow Jesus Christ, some persons from your family, village, office and friends may hate and even abandon you. They consider your new found faith in Christ as sheer madness. The isolation, insults and other forms of degrading treatments you suffer is a price you must pay. When Abraham was called to leave his kindred, and go to a place the Lord was to show him, he had no idea where the journey was taking him to, or what it entailed. The same is applicable to you. But St. Clement says to us, “Let us contend with all earnestness, knowing that we are called to the combat. Let us run in the straight road the race that is incorruptible to overlook the sufferings, deprivations and insult that you are going through and focus on Jesus, and the crown of glory that awaits you on that day. You have gathered to the point in your relationship with God that you cannot afford to turn back on God.”‘This is the point of no return’!  Beloved it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that one gets to that point and at the same time recognizes the spiritual benefits to refusing to quit. Hear this, some time ago, I encouraged a sister to be more serious with her leadership role in the church and she replied, “Brother I cannot have hypertension because of God’s work” what a shame!?

MASS: VIOLET Dt 4:1. 5-9; Ps 147: 12-13. 15-16. 19-20; Mt 5: 17-19

Prayer Points

  1. Take any worship song as you are led.
  2. Father, I ask for the grace to continue inspite of the hardships on my way, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
  3. Pray for your family members who have been persecuting you because of your faith in Christ.
  4. Pray for your boss, friends and relations yet to accept the Lord.

Exercise: Take the prayers of “St. Padre Pio” Twice today.

Meditation: Heb. 12: 1-2