Scripture Reading: Psalms 146:1-10

During holy mass, the church prays thus: “For, although You have no need of our praise, yet our thanksgiving is itself Your gift, since our praises add nothing to Your greatness but profits us for salvation, through Christ our Lord.” (Common Preface IV, Roman Missal). We need to give thanks and praise for the abundant blessings of God’s grace.
Going through many individual psalms, they usually move from plight unto praise, so the Book of Psalms itself exhibits a general movement in that direction. In Hebrew, the Psalms are called Tehillim, “songs of praise.” The book of Psalms concludes with a series of five psalms all starting and ending with “Praise the LORD!”
Child of God, healthy Christians are thankful Christians. Let us cultivate a thankful spirit, because the Christian life, from the beginning to end, is a life of unmerited grace. Psalms 50:23 says, “He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honours me.”
In his letter to the Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul urged Christ’s followers to be joyful at all times., That’s just not always possible.
When terrible things happen in our lives—death of a loved one, a crippling accident, inability to have children, a break-up—it is only right and just to cry and mourn and scream at God. We ask God, “How could You let this happen?” But Christians should believe that whatever happens to us has some goodness hidden in it. The only way to ride it out is to experience it completely. This ability to feel is what makes us human.
But Paul was not telling his flock to hide their true feelings, so they could always be happy. Instead, he was trying to encourage and reassure the early Christians that Jesus was indeed going to come again. In that knowledge, he urged the Thessalonians to be thankful and to give praise. This is a promise Christians can find assurance in today.
Yes, Paul was right that we should be thankful in all circumstances—thankful to God for God’s goodness and grace, even if we don’t feel up to the task. Eventually, it will get better. When you have an open dialogue with Jesus about everything you’re feeling—the doubts, the turmoil, the grief—the weight will be lifted from your shoulders and you’ll have even more to be grateful for than before. The ultimate goal is to be able to be joyful, prayerful and thankful to the Lord at all times. With God’s help, this can be achieved.

MASS: GREEN 2 Sam 18:9-10. 14b. 24-25a. 30; 19: 3; Ps 86: 1-2. 3-4. 5-6 (R.1a); Accl. Mk 8:17; Mk 5: 21-43

Prayer Point:
1. Just praise and worship God in songs for at least 30 minutes.

Exercise: Pray to be part of the 21-day Round-Off for Abuja province holding at St. Michael Catholic Chaplaincy Keffi slated for 1st to 3rd February. Read the daily exercise recommended for the novena and take the Day Five of the novena in “Amen: It is Done”.

Meditation: Psalms 147:12-20.