​Scripture Reading: Luke 22:39.44
At the beginning of creation, human history began in a garden( en. 2:8), and when the first Adam sinned against . God in this garden, death entered the world (Gen.3;6). Thousands of years later, Jesus Christ, the second Adam (I Corinthians 15:45), entered into another garden to accept the cup from His Father’s hand (Matthew. 26: 2; Mark 14; 6; Luke 22:42), and death was about to be swallowed up in victory. in this garden the only activity that took place was prayer, not just prayer, but Luke reported it thus, HE PRAYED MORE EARNESTLY.
Yesterday we were called to look unto Jesus, and learn from Him. One eminent lesson the Holy Spirit desires to teach us today from the life of Jesus is the need to Pray more earnestly especially as we prepare for our 21-day fasting and prayer programme.
The child of God who wants to gain Victory over the forces of darkness must pray more earnestly; the believer who wishes to remain standing strong through the storm, must pray more earnestly; the Christian who wants to fix his or her gaze on Jesus, no matter the circumstance around must pray more earnestly… Earnest prayer remains an effective link to reach heaven. In Luke 3:21-22, scripture says “…and praying, the heaven was opened”.
Dear friends, the frontiers of heaven opens as a response to prayer. If you want a permanently heaven over every department in your life, then you have to a man or woman of earnest prayer; you have to join us in this upcoming 21-day fasting and prayer. To pray earnestly means to pray seriously, sincerely, constantly, persistently, ardently and fervently.
Beloved, there comes a time when, like the Canaanite woman who persisted in spite of all rebuffs she got from Jesus, through ‘stubborn yet humble persistence, obtained healing for her daughter. Friends, we must approach heaven again in this ‘stubborn yet humble’ approach in prayer like Daniel, Jacob and the Canaanite woman, if you must receive that miracle you have been looking for: if the impossible will become possible . You must pray more earnestly knowing that you have no other to help you,and that except the Lord does something about our situations, we will be finished.
Beloved, have you given up that your legitimate need because the …