Scripture Reading: James 5:16

Elijah was just like any other human being who had feelings and affections. The Bible says he prayed that there would be no rain and the earth went without rain for three and a half years. He prayed again, and the heavens supplied rain. How was he able to do it? The Bible says in James 5:17 that he prayed earnestly. “The earnest prayer of the righteous produces results. To be earnest in prayer means “to be intent and direct in purpose,” “to be zealous or fervent, marked by a deep feeling of conviction.” In other words, earnest prayer is a continuous kind of prayer with deep conviction. We can begin to understand the kind of prayer Elijah prayed. He didn’t just pray once and give up. He continued seriously in prayer with a deep conviction. Many people don’t pray this way yet expect to get the kind of results Elijah got.”

Dear beloved in Christ, God simply wants us to turn to Him with all that we are. It doesn’t matter if our faith is mature or immature if we are newly converted or have been running the race for years. God promises all of us: “When you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me with you” (Jeremiah 29:13-14). This is the kind of sincerity and persistence that brings us into God’s presence and releases His grace in our lives and in the lives of the people we are praying for.

When Brother John was told that he had an aggressive case of prostate cancer, he sought out the members of his parish prayer group and asked them to pray with him for healing. After ten five-minute sessions of prayer—once a week, John returned to the hospital for more tests. Amazingly, his cancer levels were reduced to zero. Of course, John was undergoing a course of chemotherapy at the same time as he was receiving prayer. He also made significant changes to his diet, under the supervision of his doctor. So on the one hand, we will never know for sure exactly what caused such a dramatic turnaround. On the other hand, John’s doctor was both excited and surprised by the results of the latest tests. He said it was very rare to see such a dramatic turnaround. But he himself credits the power of God for his healing, and he has been sharing his story with anyone who will listen. Child of God, continue in earnest prayer, for the earnest prayer of the righteous man always works!

MASS:  WHITE:   ST. JOHN, AP, EV F 1 Jn 1: 1-4; Ps 97: 1-2, 5-6, 11-12 (R. 12a); Accl: We praise you, O God; we acclaim you as the Lord; the glorious band of apostles sings your praise, O Lord!; Gospel Jn 20:2-4

Prayer Points:

1.            Dear Father, I thank You because I know that I can pray and have results. Therefore, I continue in fervent prayer by the ability of the Spirit and I effect changes in every area of my life that requires a change, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

2.            Pray to join the 2022 DSD 21-day fasting starting from Monday, January 3rd

Exercise: Encourage someone today with this reflection.

Meditation: Matthew 6:6