Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 7:14
Duewel begins today’s reflection with this message: “Touch the world through prayer.” Yes dear child of God, you can be in that little village of yours, in that distant land, yet before God you are making waves more than the richest man in the world; you are more than the world’s most recognized leader! Why? Your prayer life has the capacity to make great impact of positive change more than what money, influence, position, prestige can make. It is a compulsory task, assignment, and role for all Christians to pray. It is in this regard that a Christian writer made this assertion about prayer: “For Christians, prayer should be like breathing. You do not have to think to breathe because the atmosphere exerts pressure on your lungs and essentially forces you to breathe. As believers, we have all entered the divine atmosphere to breathe the air of prayer.” “Prayer prevents the reign of evil. Prayer undo what Satan has done.” Every day, Satan and his agents converge on how to achieve his wicked agenda as stated in the gospel according to John. (John 10:10). Be careful, for Satan is at work. A youth, hitherto known to be good and humble suddenly becomes a drug addict, abusive and destructive, definitely is under the influence of Satan and his wicked angels. You will see a nation operating in the fear of God, proclaiming their loyalty and trust in God suddenly nose-dive into systems that oppose the ways of God. You see a training ground for holy men and women gradually turning into a den of immorality and all kinds of moral decadence. Dear child of God, you owe God the duty to pray.
Christian writer warns against the high level of “laziness” among believers today. Why? While they are busy sleeping away, Satan and his agents are busy taking hold of the day by making evil pronouncements, embargoes, covenants, incantations and projections. Ecclesiastes 10:5, 7 raises a lamentation, “There is an evil I have seen under the sun… I have seen servants on horses, while princes walk on the ground like servants.” Serious exchanges are taken place in the spiritual realm, destinies are truncated; lives of holiness are polluted, there are satanic affliction of death and diseases against believers. Beloved in Christ, we need to pray. Remember evil reigns when our prayer life becomes redundant.
MASS: WHITE Ex. 32:15-24.30-34; Ps. 106:19-20.21-22.23(R.1b); Accl. James 1:18; Matt. 13:31-35 ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, P. (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points
1. Ask God for mercy over laziness in prayers. (please take seriously)
2. Take “Warfare Prayer against spiritual attack” in Amen it is Done.
3. Take the “Prayer Against the Forces of Darkness” in DSD Section A
Exercise: Always take the prayer points for divine protection in Amen it is Done (page 91) at Midnight
Meditation: Ephesians 2:19