Lord Jesus, let me know myself, Let me know you. Let me have no desire apart from you. Let me look down on self and love only you. Let me do all for love of you. Let me be humble while exalting you. Let me not think of anything but you. Let me die to self but live in you. Let me see everything as a gift from you. Let me deny myself but follow you. Let me turn from self but turn to you. Let me deserve to have you at my side. Let me have fear of self and fear of you. Let me be found among your chosen ones. Let me distrust myself but trust in you. Let me be ready to obey for love of you. Let me not cling to anything but you. Let me be poor for the sake of you along.

Look on me, That I may love you; Call me, That I may see you and enjoy your presence forever. Amen.

Prayer for Constant Communion with Christ Through the Eucharist

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, who by the will of the Father and the work of the Holy Spirit, through your death gave life to the world; free me by this your most holy Body and Blood from all my sins and from every evil; keep me always faithful to your commandments, and never let me be parted from you.

An Ancient Daily Offering

Lord, inspire all we do and help us as we do it, so that everything we undertake begins from you and reaches its completion through you.