​ scripture Reading: Acts 14.23 
Welcome to the third day of the year 2017. Yesterday we were reminded that prayerlessness is disastrous Today we are introduced to one of the secrets of effective prayer. which is, praying with fasting. 
We get unimaginable positive results when we pray with fasting . Ezra 8:23 says “So we fasted and earnestly prayed that our God would take care of us, and He heard our prayer.” Child of God, biblical fasting is linked with serious seasons of prayer. Daily Strength Devotional calls all our Users and other Christians to a 21 days fasting and praying programme, to commend the year 2017 unto the Lord, asking Him to take care of us. Our scriptural reading says “…With prayer and fasting, they turned the elders over to the care of the Lord, in whom they had put their trust.” In like manner we are going to pray with fasting to turn our fears and hope over to Jesus, for we know He will surely take care of us in this year 2017. 
The more seriously we approach prayer and fasting, the more serious the results we will experience. Brethren, prayer is the master key to every issue of life. Do not be tired in praying with fasting. Do not be discouraged to pray and fast. Do not allow anything to stop you from praying. Do not allow anyone to stop you from fasting. Why do we have to pray with fasting? Dominic Meigh asked, Why does going without food release divine power? The key lies in self-denial. In self-denial we allow the Spirit to confront the weakness and self-indulgence of the flesh. Fasting breaks strongholds, liberates people, and moves us into a realm of realizing God’s power in our lives. David Mathis says, “[Fasting] is a desperate measure. for desperate times, among those who know themselves desperate for God ” Praying with fasting ushers in a great spiritual revival. Whenever the people of Israel were in danger or needed the power of God to be released in a particular situation, they prayed and fasted. often with dramatic results. 
Fasting empowers our prayer. It enables us to meet God more intimately in prayer, since our whole being is participating in this effort of turning towards him. Fasting and prayer is a time to separate yourself from your regular patterns and from things of the world and come closer to the Lord. The Bible, the early Church and countless Christians bear witness to he incredible power of praying with fasting. The testimony of many who have participated in our annual 21-day fasting and prayer is that prayer with fasting transforms lives and ministries. 

Praying with fasting makes us to focus our attention on God, It causes us to become more spiritually aware, sensitive, and sharp. It aligns us with God. getting us in sync with Him and in His Flow. It positions us to receive from him -guidance, direction, revelation, answers, healing, and provision -whatever is needed It provides a conducive atmosphere for the Glory of God manifestations, demonstrations, exhibitions, signs, wonders, and miracles. It helps us to be more sensitive to others by magnifying​ the fruit of the Spirit. If we neglect fasting, our spiritual life will always be mediocre. Brethren we are asked to join the up coming 21-day fasting and prayer, and we advise that during this 2017 fasting program, we must endeavor to fast not only from food, but reduce drastically the times we spend on leisure such as watching of films,  Facebook , engaging in idle and unfruitful discussions. The times gained from all these very unimportant activities can be spent in prayer and seeking the face of God. Your heaven Will open. If you need to take food , because of medications, please do. God will still answer your prayers. By all means, do not allow your body to break down to the point that you cannot pray at all. 
Try to break your fast daily at any specified time you agree With the Lord according to your strength. 

Prayer Points: 
Pray; Thank the Lord for teaching us about praying with fasting. 
2. pray the Act of Contrition. 
3. Tell God to strengthen you to pray with fasting especially in the upcoming 21-day fasting and prayers. 
4. Father, make 2017 my year of fulfilment in Jesus name. 
5. Father, fulfil my dreams of yesteryears, previous and long outstanding expectations in Jesus name. 
6. Father, let this be my season and year of exceptional favour in Jesus name. 
7. Lord, help me, I depend on you in Jesus name. Father, support me in Jesus name. 
8. Father, sustain me during this 21-day fasting and prayer in Jesus name.