(Day 2 of the 9-day Pentecost Fasting and Prayers)

Scripture Reading: Acts 8:26-39

Welcome to the second day of our Pentecost fasting and prayer novena. Pray with us: “Our heavenly Father, we bow before You and ask that You teach us of the Holy Spirit from Your word, and that by that same Holy Spirit You would open our hearts to understand, believe, embrace and live the truth about the Holy Spirit. We ask these in Jesus name. Amen.” Today we want to ask the Holy Spirit to make us, as individuals and as a group, sensitive to His promptings. A theologian was asked: How will you describe the Acts of the Apostles? He responded thus: “The activities of the Holy Spirit.” The theologian argued that the book of the Acts of the Apostles could have being named “Acts of the Holy Spirit” because it is the book that recorded how the Holy Spirit was prompting and leading the new community of Christ. Seeing the various manifestations of the Holy Spirit, authentic and powerful the witnesses of the apostles, the depth of the love they show to one another, the miracles and healing that characterized their ministrations of the word, the reality of freedom from demonic oppression and possession, the priority they gave to preaching, breaking of bread (the Eucharist) and prayer over collection of money and material benefits, their courage in the face of various forms of hardship and suffering, the only reason one can give for such is that they yielded to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Charles Stanley defines prompting as, “a flash of lightning in a person’s spirit that creates an almost immediate knowing of which way to turn, what to do, what to say, how to respond.” Therefore, those who yield under the influence of the Holy Spirit become good; obey His impulses to do good; receive good. Let us then always follow His promptings.
Dear Friends, the Christian faith is far beyond mere head knowledge. Many have let book learning, systematic theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religious studies, creed, doctrine, human authority, etc., replace the Holy Spirit. Important as these fields of studies are, they cannot take the place and need of the Holy Spirit, for as the Scripture says, “Only the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” (1 Cor. 2:10) So rely more on the Holy Spirit as He teaches and guides you in life. What can be more basic than our need for the Holy Spirit to guide us? What we need is not so much of intellectual acumen but yielding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, whether as an erudite theologian or an uneducated Christ faithful. When the Holy Spirit begins to speak to you, you have to act on it with proper discernment.

MASS: WHITE Acts 18:23-28; Ps 47:2-3.8-9. 10 (R.8a); Accl.Jn 16:28; Jn 16:23b-28 ST. AUGUSTINE OF CANTERBURY, B. (Opt Mem)

Prayer Points:
1. Begin your prayer with this song: “Holy Ghost Fire, Fire fall on me, Holy Ghost Fire, Fire fall on me, Like on the day of Pentecost, Fire fall on me, Like on the day of Pentecost, Fire fall on me…”
2. “Lord Jesus send forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth in the name of Jesus.” (7x)
3. “O Lord, set me on fire with the Fire of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus.”
4. “Father Your Spirit came, and Your Church was born, in wind and fire and words of power. Your Spirit came blowing fear aside, and in its place weak hearts were stronger. Your Spirit came as Your word foretold, with dreams and signs, visions and wonders. Let Your Spirit come on me as it was in the day of Pentecost. Renew my heart which has grown cold with flames of fire as on Pentecost, that this might be the church that You desire in the name of Jesus.”
5. Take the prayer of the “Spirit of the Living God” in the Book Amen: It is Done.

Exercise: Take the “Daily Consecration to the Holy Spirit” prayer in the Book Amen: It is Done.

Meditation: John 16: 13