Scripture Reading: Genesis 41:1-45

As we kick-start our three-day fasting and prayers today, we beseech heaven to raise a voice for us in the name of Jesus. I have a conviction in my spirit that God will raise a favourable voice for believers who believe Him for it.

Pharaoh had a dream and became troubled and because he was the king of Egypt the whole country was in trouble. This was the beginning of the demand for the gift that was in Joseph. The scripture says,” A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men” ( Prov:18:16) This became the reality in the life of Joseph, who moved from prison to palace, from a nonentity to identity, from powerless to powerful in the land because a voice spoke in favour of him. Recall that Joseph was suddenly remembered by the Butler as a man with the gift of interpretation. The king utilized the gift and that changed the life of Joseph permanently.

Dear friends, the positive gifts and potentials with which God endowed you are the means through which God designed your recognition and greatness. Even when Joseph was in the prison, he kept utilizing his gifts, though there was no financial benefit or immediate gain. Unknown to him that the beneficiary of his gift that could not pay him for his service yesterday will be the voice that will speak for him today.  As we gather to pray God to raise a voice for us today, we must learn never to give up on our talents or gifts, especially those ones that are naturally given to us by the Creator. It is through the utilization of our natural and acquired endowments that doors will be opened for us, dine and wine with princes and meet with great figures and kings. Proper and excellent usage of our endowment is a necessary condition for divine connection that will move us from being a person of nobody to a person with nobility.

Child of God, God desires to do the same thing He did for Joseph for you. When God raised a voice for Joseph, though he remained the same person in essence but his status and position changed. You need to pray “My Father and Redeemer raise a voice for me”. When the Israelites were in

bondage, God raised a voice through Moses, and they got their deliverance. Is there a case against you in the court, in your

office, in your business, in your department in school, in a meeting in the village or a panel or anywhere, tell God, “Father raise a voice to speak in my favour.” Pray “My father raise a voice that will take me to the place of my assignment and accelerate my destiny in the name of Jesus.”


Eph 6: 1-9; Ps 145: 10-11. 12-13ab. 13cd-14; (R. 13c); Accl 2 Thess 2:14; Lk 13: 22-30

Prayer Points:

  1. Take the self-surrender prayer
  2. Jesus raise a voice for me that will change my life for good in the name of Jesus
  3. Lord raise a voice that will plead for mercy for me in the name of Jesus
  4. Father raise a voice that will move me from obscurity to limelight in accordance with your will in the name of Jesus
  5. Jesus raise a voice that will speak and cause my promotion and settlement in the name of Jesus
  6. Father raise a voice that speak for my children and family to move forward in the name of Jesus
  7. Pray for all users of Daily Strength having court cases, challenges in their offices and in their families; that God may raise a voice for them and grant them deliverance.

Exercise: pray with Ephesians 3:20

Memory Verse:  John 14:1