Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:18-20

Welcome to today’s encounter with God’s word. Once every year, Daily Strength Devotional sets apart a day for all users of DSD to pray for DSD known as the ‘DSD Fasting & Prayer/support Day’.  Today, we invite all users of DSD to commit DSD and her Team Members to God in fasting (6:00 am – 12:00 noon) and prayers, and to support DSD mission to reach out with God’s word to the nations.

Brethren, the making disciples of all nations is still going on through the spreading of the gospel in and through the church. This great commission is a call to all of us to heed the call to evangelize: The Catechism of the Catholic Church says evangelization is, “The proclamation of Christ and His Gospel by word and the testimony of life, in fulfilment of Christ’s command.” (CCC, 905). We are challenged “to go forth from our own comfort zone in order to reach all the peripheries in need of the light of the Gospel” (Evangelii Gaudium, 20).

Brethren, DSD is a Divine gift with the vision to reach out with God’s word to the nations and charity to the least of the brethren. We challenge DSD families to take God’s word to prisons, hotels, hospitals, schools, chapels etc, by giving out free copies DSD. Let DSD family be an active catholic presence in prisons and hospitals.

We also invite you dear child of God, to pray for our distributors and financial partners, their financial support helped us to be able to organise the 21-day fasting and prayer round-off program in seven centres across Nigeria at the beginning of this year 2018 and other Spirit-filled programmes. Through your financial support we are reaching out to many in charity. On this day set apart for prayer for DSD, we implore you to assist us financially with any amount you can to sustain and keep growing our evangelization and charity outreaches to the glory of God and for salvation of souls. In the coming year, we have a burden to assemble the youths in God’s presence and feed them with the needed word of God.



Is 38:1-6.7-8.21-22; Ps 38:10.11.12abcd.16 (R.17cd); Accl Jn 10:27; Gosp Mt 12:1-8 WEEKDAY St. Apollinaris, M. (Opt Mem)


Prayer Points:

  1. Praise God for ten minutes for all He is doing in and through DSD.
  2. Ask God to forgive DSD Team members in all the ways we have sinned against Him
  3. Pray that DSD will always discern the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow without hesitations.
  4. Pray that DSD will be faithful in word and action to the mind of Christ and His church
  5. Pray that God’s vision for DSD will continue to be actualized irrespective of all the human and demonic considerations, attacks and manipulations
  6. Pray that God in His mercy will reward abundantly all those who are supporting the DSD


Exercise: Pray the Thank You Jesus Rosary for DSD & if you are led, kindly make your financial support in favour of Daily Strength Devotional, GTBANK – Naira:0239190296, Dollar: 0239190306 or https://paystack.com/pay/dailystrengthcardless


Meditation: Proverbs 11:30

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