Day 9 of the Fasting and Prayer Programme
Scripture Reading: John 20:22
“Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Your love. Send forth Your Spirit, and they shall be created and they shall renew the face of the earth.” All you have to do is ask, believe, and receive! Pray, “Father, I recognize my need for Your power to live this new life. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. By faith, I receive Him right now! Thank You for baptizing me. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in my life.” It is more of a thing of faith than shouting, more of a thing of the Spirit which may physically manifest like on Pentecost day or may not have immediate physical manifestation like in Luke 1 when the Spirit came of Mary.
As I have indicated before, a true and sincere conversion is the scriptural prerequisite to receiving the “Promise of the Father”. The gift of the Holy Spirit is your own personal Pentecost. By surrendering our lives to Him, we invite the Holy Spirit to be in control in our lives and allow God to work in us through His Holy Spirit. In asking for the Holy Spirit to empower you (whether in a community setting or a personal one), come into the Father’s presence and ask (something like this): “Father, as Your child in Jesus Christ, I desire to be totally an instrument for Your Kingdom to manifest through my life. I desire to receive Your promise of the Holy Spirit to those who believe. Jesus, my Saviour and King, baptize me in the Holy Spirit so that the power of Your resurrection will work in me and transform me according to Your will. Holy Spirit, empower me and fill me to overflowing.”
Brethren, it is a personal experience of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit who brings alive what we have already received in baptism and empowers us with His gifts for service and mission. The Holy Spirit will help us and we will begin to experience a new appreciation of Jesus, the Bible, our daily prayer life, the sacraments of the Church and our faith.
Acts 28:16-20.30-31; Ps 11:4.5.7(R.7b); Accl Jn 16:7-13; Gosp Jn 21:20-25 WEEKDAY OF EASTER MASS: RED Gen 11:1-9 0r Ex 19:3-8a.16-20b or Ezek 37:1-14 or Joel 2:28-32; Ps 104:1-2a.24.35c.27-28.29bc-30(R.30); Rom 8:22-27; Gosp Jn 7:37-39 VIGIL OF PENTECOST
Prayer Points:
1. Father, grant us the grace and strength to remain abiding in You so that we can bear much fruit this year and forever, in Jesus mighty name.
2. Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit once again upon the young and the old in our families, the church and the world, to revive us again for Him, in Jesus name.
3. Pray that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life will destroy the structures of darkness, the dominion of sin and usher in abundance, in Christ Jesus.

Exercise: At midnight spend at least 1 hour in prayer. Take the following prayers: “Spirit of the Living God”, “Litany of the Holy Spirit”, and “Pentecost Prayer for Clergies” in DSD. Please add your own personal prayers for the day.
Meditation: Luke 1:35