Scripture Reading: Romans 13:8

I read an article about a teenage orphan in Florida who decided to be proactive in finding adoptive parents. He chose to go to church and address the congregation to see if someone would make him their child. He was born to a woman who was in jail and immediately taken into social services. The only thing his mother gave him was his name. He spent most of his life being angry at his situation and pushing people and prospective parents away hoping his birth parents would show up one day.

While searching for them, he found out that they were both deceased. He had to choose to continue being angry or to let it go. He chose the latter. His grades began to improve and he began to become the person he knew he was inside. His comments are what stuck out to me the most in this article. He said he had never had a home or felt loved. He said, “I’ll take anyone. Old young, Black, white or purple… I would be appreciative.” And then the article finished with him saying, “I know God hasn’t given up on me. So I’m not giving up either.”

He reached out to a church but sadly, no one offered to adopt him. I had hoped that someone would have at least shown him love, accepted him for who he is. He is like a lot of people in this world. They are broken and hurt. They are looking for a place to belong. Can you be a place where people like him can find refuge from their pain? Have we become so caught up in our traditions and rituals that we have turned blind eyes to those reaching out to us?

This kid found rejection where he should have found acceptance. He found doubt in a place of faith. He looked for love but walked away empty-handed.

Love is called an obligation because we are permanently in debt to Christ for the lavish love He had poured on us. The only way we can begin to repay this debt is by fulfilling our obligation to love others in turn. Beloved, for the fact that Christ’s love is infinitely greater than ours we will always have the obligation to love our neighbours.

MASS: GREEN WEEKDAY(29) Eph 2:12-22; Ps 85:9ab.10.11-12.13-14(R.9b); Accl Lk 21:36; Gospel LK 12:35-38

Prayer Points:

  1. May God forgive us for all of the times people like this child in our story walked through our doors and walked out alone. May we be a haven for those who need to find a refuge. If God hasn’t given up on them, neither should we.
  2. Take the Prayer for Charity in DSD Manual

Exercise: Let us open our eyes today and find someone who needs love and offer it to them. REMEMBER TO CONTINUE PRAYING THE ROSARY OF MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP IN DSD SECTION A from 11th -31st Oct.

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Meditation: 1 John 3:18