Scriptural Reading: Psalm 106:4

A major difference between God and man is in terms of perfection; while God is perfect, man is imperfect. Yet this imperfect man is required to relate with this perfect God in his imperfection. The result of this is that man relates with God from his standpoint to the extent that he is tempted to use human categories in this relationship. That is why man thinks that God can forget him. God is perfect and can never forget you. You are important to Him and He loves and cares for you dearly. Our lead passage says, “Remember me, O Lord, when you show favour to your people.” Indeed, sometimes when we consider the events of our lives it appears as though the blessings of God are far from us. It appears as if God chooses to take other paths when it is time to bestow blessings. It appears we are only considered for persecutions and problems.

Beloved in Christ, this is exactly how we often feel when we have entreated the Lord about certain challenges, such as the fruit of the womb, job opportunity, admission into a school of higher learning, deliverance addiction to drugs or a sinful habit and our entreaty has rolled from months into years and there seem to be no positive result (by our human standard of evaluation The only human way of accounting for such experience is to think that God has forgotten you. Share this testimony of how God remembered this user of DSD. “He makes impossibility possible. Join me to thank God. For more than 12 years, I was having drops from my private part. This dropping was not blood but I find it difficult to dress up without putting a tissue to prevent soiling my dress. Thanks be to God that He remembered me just before this year’s Pentecost program. I miraculously had divine healing and could go for the program without protecting myself with tissue”. Glory to Jesus honour to Mary. Dearly beloved, God does not forget His people for “in fixing the boundaries of the nations, He thought first of Israel’s sons.” (cf. Deut. 32:8). Your name is inscribed on the palm of his hands and so can never forget you. Simply bring your needs to Him in prayer and believe. You will experience His mercies.

MASS: VIOLETIs 2: 1-5; Ps 122: 1-2. 3-4ab. 4cd-5. 6-7. 8-9; (R.1); Mt 8: 5-11 ST. JOHN OF DAMASCUS, 1STWEEKDAY OF ADVENT

Prayer points:

1. Take a song of worship as led.

2. Father, I give you thanks and praise for your goodness and that your mercies endures forever.

3. Father, You are the God who does not forget His children. Help me to be conscious of your presence with me always in Jesus name

4. Father, in times of difficulty help me to always realize that You have not forgotten me

5. Father, remember all Users of DSD when You show favour to your people this year

6. Pray that the lady’s healing be permanent in Jesus name.

EXERCISE: Console someone in despair with this message today

Meditation: Psa. 107:1