Scripture Reading:  Matthew 7:1-5

It is because the Lord loves you that He always wants you to do the best and be the best.  Today the Lord wants us to learn from Him what will not attract you this name “hypocrite”!    The Lord wants us to know that you cannot really give what you don’t have.  If you do not have morality, you will not be able to teach morality even if you have gone to study moral theology.  The Lord says you can best teach humility if you practise it.  What about holiness, if you teach people holiness and you do not live a holy life, the aura will show that you are just being hypocritical. Sometimes you find people pouting as you speak, but if you sincerely operate true holiness, before you open your mouth to speak, your outlook of holiness will begin to speak out.

Dear Friend, it is after addressing and dealing with our own loopholes and numerous sins that we can humbly encourage our fellow brothers and sisters to forsake sinful ways of which there is no gain.  You will be in better position to tell the dangers inherent. If you are grounded in the principles and values that you want to teach, you will no longer be commanding people to do what is right, you will be teaching them what is the right to do. The teachings in Romans 3:23 is the one that need to humble us, “Everyone has sinned and is far away from God’s saving presence.” This scripture should make us have an attitude of “I-too-have sinned” rather than the “holier-than-thou approach” when we need to tell a sister or a brother what the Lord desires that we should all do.  A medical doctor who has a mission of teaching the young ones against pre-marital sex, revealed the dangers of indulging in sexual immorality both as a student.  He told the students how the sense of pleasure stimulated by pre-marital sex can hinder their commitments to studies and ruin their lives.  He testified how God also blessed him with a wife who was still a virgin.  After such teaching coming from a medical doctor and somebody who has practised what he has come to teach, after the talk, a lot of students were approaching him and the common question from the students is, “Doc, what do I do to stop pre-marital sex.”    Dear child of God, if there is one thing we must stop, it is judgmental attitudes, it is very disgusting, and it makes us sound foolish or look stupid.  Worst of it all is that it is difficult to convert a soul if you are judgmental.  Suzzy Kassem advises thus, “Beautiful is he who recognizes what is truly beautiful, Even if the surface is ugly. Truthful is he who says what is true, Even if the truth is ugly. Ugly is he who measures beauty by its exterior, without first weighing the interior. And ugly is the man who judges harshly what he sees looking out, without first judging what he sees in the mirror.”  The best approach is to correct a brother or a sister who is in error is in love and most times in secret.  If you are in the habit of condemning people or judging people, stop it today because it will not be able to make you see your own faults which in most cases are weightier than your brother’s own. This “holier-than-thou” attitude prompted Saint Theresa of Avila to pray, “From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, good Lord deliver us.

Prayer Points.

  1. O Dear Lord, remove judgmental spirit from me.
  2. Take this prayer of Saint Therese of Lisieux: Dear Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person.”
  3. Pray for all Christians facing challenges in the practice of their faith.
  4. Pray for Prisoners, prostitutes and all indulge in violent life that the Lord may deliver them.

Exercise:  Stop judging people rashly or condemning people.  Correct politely and in secret.

Memory Verse:  Galatians 6:1