THE ROSARY OF LIBERATION begins with the Apostles’ Creed and ends with the Hail Holy Queen. In the place of the Our Father [on the large beads], we will pray the Words of God, ‘’If the Son makes you free, you will be free in deed’’ {John 8:36}

For example, if I am praying for myself, I would say {on the large beads of the rosary} IF JESUS MAKES ME FREE, I WILL BE FREE INDEED. If I am praying for my family, I would say: IF JESUS MAKES MY FAMILY FREE, MY FAMILY WILL BE FREE INDEED. It is the word of God that is proclaimed.

In place of the Hail Mary’s {on the small beads}, pray





If you are praying for your family, you should pray on each small bead:





And on the large beads:


If you are praying for a special person, for example JOSEPH, do the following:

On the large beads of the Rosary say:


Then on the small beads:





After praying the Rosary of Liberation completely, give thanks to Jesus for the blessings that He is pouring over you and those for whom you are interceding.

Easy, isn’t it? You will see at the end of the Rosary of Liberation the effects of God’s grace in yourself, in your family, or in the life of those for whom you are praying. The heavenly Father will send healing, salvation and liberation.

When you are praying this rosary, you proclaim the name of Jesus 205 times.


Lord Jesus, we want to praise and thank You, because You, through Your mercy and pity, created this powerful prayer to produce marvelous fruits of healing, salvation and freedom in our life, in our families, and in the life of those for whom we pray.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your infinite love for us! And heavenly Father, we love You, Father, with all the confidence of children.  We draw nearer to You, at this moment, and pray that the Holy Spirit flow into our heart.  Father, so that the Holy Spirit can come into us, we want to empty ourselves.  So, before the cross of Jesus Christ, we renew our complete and unconditional deliverance to You.  We ask that all our sins be forgiven and placed, now, on the wounded body of Jesus.  We empty ourselves of all afflictions, worries, anguish, and all that has taken the Joy from our life. We deliver our heart to you, in the name of Jesus. Father, we also place on the crucified body of Jesus all our infirmities of body, soul and spirit; our worries about our family and work; our financial and marital problems; and all our anguish, uncertainties and afflictions.  Lord, we beseech the redeeming power of the Blood of Jesus. May this Blood come over us now to cleanse and purify our heart of all bad feelings. Jesus, have mercy on me! Jesus have mercy on us!  Yes, father, we want to turn over to You all our desires, weaknesses, miseries, and sins; our heart, body, soul, and spirit, everything that we are and have: our faith life, marriage, family, work, vocation, and ministry . . . . Fill us with Your spirit, Lord! Fill us with Your love, with Your power and with Your life! Come, Holy Spirit of God!  Come and bring to life the Word of God in us, proclaimed through the Rosary of Liberation, and that this bring about in every heart the grace to heal, in the name of JESUS Christ our Lord Amen.


  1. This is a wonderful prayer that God is using to set the captive free.pray with faith and you will see the hand of God.

  2. Thank you JESUS cos I believe in your word

  3. My life would’ve been a total mess without this liberation rosary. Thank you Jesus.

  4. May God liberate my family from all afflictions through the rosary of liberation in Jesus name Amen.

  5. I pray the rosary o liberation for my daughter tiffany and I believe in d name of jesus christ she will be liberated

  6. I pray the rosary of liberation for my daughter tiffany an I believe she will be liberated. In jesus christ name amen.

  7. with the faith i have when some one told me about the rosary of liberation i pray that as i say the prayer may i and family get liberated in every area of our lives,so that people of the world will know that we are serving a living GOD and all powerfull GOD among all other gods this i ask through chist our LORD Amen.

  8. Please, I need everyone here to pray just one rosary of liberation for me. The intention is that God should deliver and liberate me from my present problems and worries. My name is James and may God bless you all as you pray for me.

  9. The Rosary of liberation has lifted my spirits, thanks to Jesus, thanks to DSD

  10. Please I’m not a catholic how do I get this rosary of liberation?

  11. Wow seeing all the testimonies here I key into those that relate to my story and I pray that as I go and look for this Rosary of liberation as my mum directed me To do and after praying it and have faith I will be back to testify what God has done for me and my family. Enough is enough, Stagnation must end in my life, financial breakthrough and marital breakthrough, healing and peace of mind in my family

  12. Thank you Jesus for your mercies and blessings and liberations through this powerful prayers. I believe my petitions will be answered

    I pray for my family. Our business is sinking. May Jesus liberate it. My son is applying for visa. May Jesus grant him favor. May Jesus watch over every member of my family and grant us peace and favour. May Jesus grant the heart desires of all that ask for my prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen

  13. I am due to take my son to India for a serious eye operation.Seing all the positive testimonials… children of God can you please pray for my son for a successful operation. Worried mother.

  14. I can attest to the fact that this Rosary of Liberation is working, I do see myself eating in the dream and when I say my Rosary of Liberation even before I finish the Rosary,I will have a strong urge to vomit. God is working through this Rosary of Liberation.

  15. Rosary of liberation has given me peace and strength inspite of difficult situations in my life

  16. Rosary of Liberation I believe in you & I believe you will send my Son Ruben Ray Free! We pray in Jesus name 😇AMEN

  17. This prayer has been helping me and healing me of anxiety disorder. Thank you Jesus for your healing

  18. Rosary of liberation has saved my marriage that would have crashed…. God is able and faithful

  19. This prayer of liberation is amazing. Jesus saved my son from an earthquake and gave my nephew his visa when everyone had given up as he was first refused. Thank you jesus . You are the greatest

  20. Hi to all my brothers and sisters , Rosary of liberation . Pray it every day and see the hand of God in your life . I am from Namibia !!!

  21. I have benefitted so much from praying the Rosary of Liberation that I think the good news about this rosary must be shared. I can testify that the most serious problems were solved. God is alive people, we only need to go to him in faith and confidence. I have only good news.

  22. I woke up at about 1.30 a.m. not feeling well. I prayed the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary of Liberation and now I am feeling so much better. THANK YOU, JESUS. You have healed me and saved me and fŕeed me.

  23. My Dad stopped walking and was in great pains for 2 weeks. I started to say this Rosary of liberation for him. On the second day, he went to morning Mass by himself. Thank you Jesus

  24. I had been feeling sick for the passed two weeks. So last night 23/05/2018 before going to bed i said this Rosary,The Rosary of liberation, whilst still saying the prayer i started feeling better and have been so till this time of my testimony. JESUS IS LORD.

  25. Amazing!

  26. I don’t have the words to express the rapid positive changes during difficult situations when I started this rosary of Liberation. Some very personal and hard situations changed for the better before nine days of this rosary. It’s a powerful weapon that I have experienced and recommend for everyone. When in trouble with any and all hard situations, start this rosary of Liberation with faith and I assure you things will be completely fixed for the better.

  27. This rosary of liberation has broken bonds of slavery, reject, and suffering in my life. I thank God immensely for His loving kindness!

  28. I Started the Rosary of liberation and I feel confident and I am felling inner strength and blessing through the prayer and I know I am liberated and have broken my bond ages through the holy prayer. Thank you Jesus for forgiving and blessing me.

    Thank you Mother Mary and Jesus.

  29. A beautiful, simple but very powerful prayer! Jesus has indeed set me free from a lot and blessed me in many ways!
    I recommend it to all with faith and trust in Jesus. Even in doubt, try it and you will experience the power and mercy of our Lord.

  30. Maria Estibeiro

    Thank you Jesus for everything. Bring us more and more closer to you.

  31. This Rosary of Liberation was introduced by Lynda. She prayed for me and I prayed at home. Now I am feeling very much better. Thanks.

  32. This Rosary of Liberation has lifted me out of a place of doubt and fear.

  33. This rosary has gotten me through so much. Thanks you Jesus thank you Jesus

  34. Beautiful

  35. Thanks for this Rosary of Liberation…so edified!

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