Scripture Reading: John 10:10a
The Psalmist prays: “Be gracious to me O God, be gracious and merciful to me, for my soul finds shelter and safety in You. And in the shadow of Your wings I shall take refuge and be confidently secure until destruction passes by….My life is among lions; I must lie among those who breathe fire. The sons of men whose teeth are spears and arrows. And their tongues are sharp sword.” (Psalms 57:1, 4 AMP) Just like the Psalmist, every believer must not be unaware of the evil plans of Satan to kill, destroy and take away all that belongs to us. His eternal intention is to make man hate his God and curse Him. In pain and anguish Job says, “Let the day on which I was born perish, And the night which announced: ‘There is a man-child conceived’. May that day be darkness.” (Job 3:3-4AMP) The venom of Satan on Job was so much that his wife demanded that he curse God and die. What an affliction!
Beloved in Christ, once Satan injects bitterness, frustration, and anger into us through his venom, he steals our joy, which makes serving God uninteresting and holiness a herculean task. So, each time you find yourself unable to please God by your daily actions then note that the dew of Satan is falling on you. A user of DSD called, lamenting her inability to pray, do anything good, and always battling with filthy and sinful thoughts. In situations like this, just know that Satan is already pouring his wicked venom of weakness, lust and prayerlessness on you. Because he wants our lives terminated, our careers destroyed, and purpose on earth polluted. His utmost desire is that we lose the sweet taste and relationship we have with our Creator. Therefore, the battle confronting every child of God is fierce and cannot be fought physically. Recalling what St. Paul says, Our weapons are divinely powerful for destruction of fortresses.” (2 Cor. 10:3-4AMP).
Hear the Psalmist: “Yahweh, do not grant the wicked their wishes; do not let their plots succeed. Do not let my attackers prevail, but let them be overwhelmed by their own malice. (Psalms 140:8-9) You, only need to be constantly updated with the word of God, prayer of warfare, fasting and abstinence, meditations, life of holiness and purity. The Lord shall help you to achieve these and you shall be saved from Satan’s poison.
2 Chron 24:17-25; Ps 89:4-5.29-30.31-32.33-34(R.29a); Accl 2 Cor 8:9; Gosp Mt 6:24-24 WEEKDAY MASS: WHITE Jer 1:4-10; Ps 71:1-2.3-4a.5-6ab.15ab.17(R.6b); 1 Pet 1:8-12; Accl Jn 1:7; Lk 1:17; Gosp Lk 1:5-17 VIGIL MASS OF THE BIRTH OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST (SOLEMNITY)
Prayer Points:
Pray as the Spirit directs the following prayer points:
1. Saviour of the world, save us from Satan’s mission to destroy, kill, steal.
2. Pray for a successful fasting program beginning from 25th to 29th June.
Exercise: Take time to understand the areas Satan has been affecting your joy in the Lord and pray about them.
Meditation: Colossians 1:13.