A group of dubious individuals are falsely using the name and First bank account number of a certain Chinyere Grace to ask for money, under the pretence that they are Members of the Daily Strength Devotional team. We are already closing down on the perpetrators of this dastardly act.

Daily Strength Devotional has never and will never give out an account number which is not our official account numbers. All financial charity embarked by Daily Strength Devotional are funded directly from our Accounts, where donors pay directly into. These accounts bear the name Daily Strength Devotional.

Note also that Daily Strength Devotional has no WhatsApp group, Facebook group or Telegram groups. All such groups operating in the name of Daily Strength Devotional are unofficial. Daily Strength Devotional does not solicit for fund through these channels nor through request for airtime recharge.

Any time you received calls/messages soliciting for fund do well to verify from our Logistics Offices via 0803 255 3670 or 0706 510 1216

Remember, all payments of any sort to be made in favor of Daily Strength Devotional must be made only to our accounts numbers (bearing our name) or via our website https://dailystrengthdevotional.org and mobile App found in our website.

Please help disseminate the information.

Thanks and remain blessed.