Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:9-10

As the Master commands us to seek first the kingdom of God, what does He mean? To seek means to search, to inquire, to ask. It means to beseech, acquire, gain, strive after, or to aim at. To seek God’s kingdom first therefore means, to always first inquire in our spirit, how beneficial our action will be to God’s agenda for our lives and that of those around us. It means, to always first aim at and strive after God’s own concern and interest before ours; and finally, it implies, to acquire and gain God’s demand and expectation at all times.
Beloved, God seeks men and women who are passionate about the establishment and enforcement of His kingdom on earth. He seeks those whose heart’s cry is that, “Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Many silent rules and policies in our world today are contrary to the commands of God. In our schools, hospitals, judiciary, and even in the churches, bribery, injustice and corruption have so permeated and reigned that it seems like disturbance of peace if one tries to question them. Wicked and evil policies and patterns have become normal and acceptable, and the will of unrighteous men is being done all over. Yet, God’s demand is that His holy will be done on earth. It is not God’s plan that the wicked should rule in the important positions of the land, it is not His will that the ungodly make laws that will govern His own children. For this, He desires men and women whose hearts determination will be to recover, reclaim and establish His will and purpose in every segment of the society. Men and women who will stand for God in their positions in the church, working places, government, civil service and homes and say “NO!” to unrighteousness. People who will demand and insist that righteousness be established no matter what it will cost them. The Father longs for sons and daughters who are no longer interested in their own needs and concerns but rather whose life pursuit is to know and to promote God’s righteousness and kingdom in their environment.
Beloved, the reason why unrighteousness still reigns in our land is because believers are still too timid and reluctant to uphold righteousness in our own little corner. We are afraid to be marginalized or persecuted, we fear we may lose our jobs or denied our promotions or other benefits if we object to evil. So, we play along with wickedness and promote corruption rather than suffer for the sake of righteousness. How often we look the other way and “mind our business” when oppression goes on before us, how good we are at throwing stones of judgment at wayward youths, never thinking that we should take it as our personal burden for prayers. How we love to gossip about the backsliding brother or the fallen sister, and how we feel too holy to relate with them, without realizing that our Father’s heart is grieving over these losses.
Beloved, Psalm 24:1 tells us that, “The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein”, so we must arise and seek the reign of our Father’s kingdom wherever we find ourselves. We must know that it is our business when injustice and oppression rule in the earth because it belongs to our Father and we are His heirs. We must put fear aside and shun timidity, and seek to establish righteousness, we must speak up and not condole corruption no matter how insignificant our voice may sound. The world around us must know our stand concerning righteousness and unrighteousness, justice and injustice. Beloved, we must arise and take our correct stand in this warfare, we must recover every family member the enemy has captured, every policy and laws he has manipulated, and rid our offices and school system of every oppressive and corrupt pattern.

MASS: VIOLET Ezk 37:21-28; Jer 31:10.11-12ab.13 (R. 10d); Accl. Ezk 18:31; Jn 11:45-57

Prayer Points:
1. Confess the times you have promoted unrighteousness by commission or omission.
2. Ask the Lord for the spirit of boldness, love, and a strong mind.
3. Ask the Lord to enlarge your heart to rightly understand the scope of your responsibility in His plan.
4. Pray for the Daily Strength team, distributors and financial partners.

Exercise: Deliberately speak up against unrighteous acts going on around you. Be prayerful as you do so.

Meditation: Psalms103:19.