“Your word is a lamp for my steps, and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).


The booklet you are holding in your hands, Daily Strength Devotional, is a doctrinally rich resource material for your daily spiritual journey as a Catholic.  It is, therefore, my great pleasure to write the foreword for the 2017 edition of Daily Strength Devotional.  This quarterly compendium has come to fill a huge gap in the daily spiritual journey of Catholics, more than what has been afforded by the regular weekly parish bulletin, to which we have been accustomed.  It has made the Bible readings at daily Mass very accessible, while helping those who use it to gain deeper knowledge of the word of God and of the divine mysteries that are celebrated in the sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Since Vatican II, the Church has encouraged the assiduous study of the Holy Books by the simple people of God.  This injunction is clearly spelt out in the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation: “This sacred Synod earnestly and especially urges all the Christian faithful . . . to learn by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures the ‘excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ’ (Phil 3:8)” (DV 25).  The purpose of this study is the spiritual nourishment of the faith of the people of God.  It demands that we put ourselves “in touch with the sacred text itself, whether it be through the liturgy, rich in the divine Word or through devotional reading, or through instructions suitable for the purpose and other aids which, in our time, with approval and active support of the shepherds of the Church, are commendably spread everywhere” (DV).

The task of spreading the knowledge of God’s word to the widest possible audience has a special urgency today, because despite all our material and technological achievements, we still struggle with the age-old problems of how to order our life and our society for the glory of God and for our own salvation.  This devotional offers you a good opportunity to gain credible knowledge of the word of God, which will help you to access the rich spiritual blessings that are in Christ Jesus, for your spiritual edification.  The goal of this spiritual edification is your daily striving to love your neighbour as yourself.  This is the sure pathway to eternal happiness with God!

While I congratulate the publishers of Daily Strength Devotional for this praiseworthy initiative, I commend all those who use this spiritual resource book to the grace and blessings of the Lord Jesus, and to the maternal intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, the faithful disciple who teaches us how to hear the word of God, to ponder on it in our minds and to treasure it in our hearts. Amen.



OCTOBER 7, 2016 – Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary