Scripture Reading: John 8:11

Dear Child of God, our Lord Jesus Christ would have just told Mary Magdalene to go since no one condemned her, but He went further to add this phrase “but do not sin again.”  The Lord wants you to see the danger of continuing to live a sinful life. You must see sinful life from the eye of the Lord.  The bible uses leprosy to describe sin because of how dreadful sin is.  Rev. Fr. Anthony Mario- Ozele also paints a picture of how deadly sin is in his sermon titled “The gates of Hell will not prevail”; he described sin as “Satan inherited nature.”  He says, “The more you go on sinning, the more you are promoting satanic tendencies in you.”

Beloved, the presence of Ebola disease in Nigeria scared everyone.  The reason was that virtually everybody had a perfect understanding of the implications of contacting disease.  Ebola had no cure, it alienates one from his loved ones, it destroys the immunity of the victim and after twenty one days it kills the person.  In fact, Ebola disease has characteristics similar to that of sin; but simply because we had perfect understanding of the sad consequence of the disease, everybody observed strictly (I MEAN RELIGIOUSLY)   all the prescriptions and measures spelt out in order not to be a victim.  But do you know that sin is worse than Ebola?  It is more deadly and dreadful than Ebola.  What Ebola disease does to our body is what sin does to our soul; since the damage is not usually physically accessed we are almost comfortable in sin. It only takes sound spiritual eyes to see the damage. Unconfessed sin sends the soul to everlasting torment in hell. What a huge challenge to mankind?

 Dear friend, man must see sin from the eyes of Jesus.  Sin has no place in God. God abhors it; and in the same vein God’s children should not allow sin to take root in them. There is something horrible about sin. Hear Isaiah 59:2, “It is because of your sins that he doesn’t hear you.  It is your sin that separate you from God when you try to worship him.” Sin blocks our access to abundance, divine health, success, divine breakthrough, freedom from all forms of afflictions and finally cuts the sinner off eternally from being with God in eternity.

Dear friend of Jesus, during this period of lent, the Lord is calling you back from the life of wasted years, the life of debauchery.  Cut off from the things which lead you to sin. Stop that night club that always affects your moral life. Cut off from that boy or girl; that man or woman devouring your life in immorality.  Stop visiting that beer joint where you go to drink to stupor and comes back home beating up your wife and children.  Stop those evil practices that make you afflict your neighbour with wickedness. Remove your hands from all forms of occult practices and idol worshipping.  Let this lent put an end to your sinful life.  Let people say; “This is not the John or Mary I used to know”. Finally, child of God, develop the sense of enjoying righteous living.  In fact, begin to enjoy doing what God desires by so doing you will begin to detest sinful living.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for saving your soul from the eternal damnation which we inherited from the fall of Adam.
  2. Lord, I come back to you. I renounce every sin of my life.  I return from my life of wasted years.   I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour.
  3. Sing this song meditatively and soberly: Eternal, Eternal life (2X); I want to live eternal life, Lord save my soul (2X).
  4. Father, revive the spirit of fear of God and self-control in me in Jesus name.

Exercise:  Take about five minutes to meditate on this instruction “but do not sin again”.

Memory Verse:  2 Timothy 2:19