Scripture Reading:  1 Corinthians 10:12

Our spiritual life must be sound.   It must be periodically checked to ensure that we are still spiritually healthy.  During the harmattan season, you find out you must do daily dusting otherwise your whole house will be very dusty. In like manner, our spiritual lives need constant dusting because it is very easy to get contaminated or corrupted.  Sometimes this corruption can take place without us taken note that something is going wrong.  Often this spiritual decline continues unabated, yet we are relaxed simple because we can still pray and things happen.  Child of God, the Lord calls all Users of Daily Strength to be spiritually vigilant.  Beloved, watch your spiritual life just as the night watchman is standing vigil over his master’s house against an intruder.   Rev. Father Njoku Uche Stephen who had an enviable degree in matters of spirituality throws more light on this thus, “I ask many questions and run personal checks in all sincerity, because I don’t want to be disqualified.  I hope you do the check too.  I know what my personal experiences and struggles are; what I have to cope with every day.  I also know that many deceptive alternatives float around today.  You may think you are doing well, not knowing you are woefully deluded”   He stressed further, “Yes, brother, rob your eyes, for I have robbed mine.  I can see there is more to see than meets the eye.  If you have been as scrupulous as I am in observing things happening these days, you would have been able to count the number of times the enemy had taken advantage of your drowsiness, to scatter his satanic seed strategically in your personal lives.”  

One of the ways we can constantly progress spiritually without failing is to be morally-conscious through discipline.  Dear friend in Christ be more watchful of your character, attitude, behaviour more than the gift of God you possess.  Who we are and what we do must be very balanced.  Most times we get comforted because what people appreciate and exalt are our gifts. You cannot be highly gifted spiritually and yet satanic weeds are still gaining grounds in you.  We cannot be lacking things like good relationship, humility, gentleness, consideration for others, listening-ear and in fact all those values that make people describe our personality as great and wonderful.  The true measurement of your greatness is assessed by the practical manifestations of social, moral, spiritual, behavioural and personal values.  If you are described great stop manifesting these character, tribalism, greed, selfishness, pride, hatred, lack of brotherly love.  The Lord tells us today, “My son, pay attention to my wisdom; lend your ear to my understanding that you may preserve discretion.”  (Proverbs 5:1-2, NKJV).  John Maxwell offers us the “3Gs” that will make us pay attention to wisdom and preserve discretion thus “Every leader ought to consume God’s word, then put the truths he or she discovers in the form of principles that can guide, guard, and gauge his or her life.”  By guiding, it helps us to stay on the right path, by guarding our hearts and bodies are protected and by gauging it enables us to evaluate where we are.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led.
  2. Ask God to give you the grace to constantly perform a sincere spiritual check-up.
  3. Pray for Ministers of God whose lives are often contaminated by the world that they may be purified.
  4. Pray for Daily Strength Users that their lives will be so refined that every moment people will be glorifying God for them

Exercise:  Frequently carry out honest spiritual checks of yourself.

Memory Verse:  Romans 12:2