Scripture Reading: Luke 1:46-55

As we end our Great Marian Novena today, I pray that through the powerful and humble intercession of our Blessed Mother and Queen, we may receive from God, testimonies that will make us burst into songs of joy, victory and thanksgiving. Today our Mother Mary is inviting us to sing with her. St. Luke records the song Mary sang as she became convinced that she was carrying the Saviour of the world in her womb. The song is often called the Magnificat. The Magnificat reveals her deep, prayerful understanding of God’s long-awaited promise that is now to be fulfilled, to restore all the descendants of Abraham to harmony with God.

“We heard the Song of Mary, the Magnificat – it is the song of hope, it is the song of the People of God walking through history.  It is the song many saints, men and women, some famous and very many others unknown to us but known to God, mums, dads, catechists, missionaries, priests, sisters, young people, even children and grandparents – these have faced the struggle of life while carrying in their heart the hope of the little and the humble. Mary says, “My souls glorifies the Lord” – today, the Church too sings this in every part of the world.” … Pope Francis (Holy Mass on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 15 August 2013)

Mary says, “My souls glorifies the Lord” from today onward I pray that the Lord will work miracles in our lives such situations and that we will recognized the mighty works that God has done so that we too shall sing with Mary saying, “My soul glorifies the Lord”. Mary’s song stirs in me a desire to live today for what matters so that God might use me for His purposes and glory.

MASS: GREEN Wis 7:7-11; Ps 90:12-13.14-15.16-17 (R.14); Heb 4:12-13; Accl: Mt 5:3; Gospel. Mk 10:17-30 TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR(B)

Prayer Point:

               1.            Mother of Perpetual Help, you have been blessed and favored by God. you became not only the Mother of the Redeemer, but Mother of the redeemed as well. We come to you today as your loving children. Watch over us and take care of us. As you held the child Jesus in your loving arms, so take us in your arms. Be a mother ready at every moment to help us. For God who is mighty has done great things for you, and God’s mercy is from age to age on those who love God. Intercede for us, dear Mother, I confidently ask of you. {mention your petitions}

Exercise: Pray twenty decades of the Holy Rosary at your convenient time today and take the prayers in Section B “THE GREAT MARIAN NOVENA PRAYERS AND INSTRUCTIONS”

Meditation: 1 Samuel 2: 1-10