Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 10:7

Welcome to today’s encounter with God’s word. Today the Holy Spirit draws our attention to one of those things the devil can do to us if we are not spiritually vigilant. Our lead passage says, “I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.” This is an error. As it were, the reverse of the situation presented should have been the case; princes are meant to be on horses while servants walk on foot. God who made the universe gave each its place according to time and seasons. Consequently, there is always a growth in human awareness and consciousness. The situation presented before us may not sound appealing in contemporary times but it was the case at the time Solomon was writing, that slaves do not mount on horses. This is the preserve of princes. What is presented, beyond an exchange of roles is also an exchange glory, an exchange of splendor, an exchange of dignity, an exchange of destinies and exchange of authority. Sometimes, the devil tricks believers into believing that it is more honorable to be worldly. Sometimes we are made to believe that worldliness is rosier than godliness. Sometimes we are tempted to give up so much for so little. We are tempted to let go of our pride, our authority, God’s grace in form of gifts for so little offer so much so that we give up God’s gifts to us to the heathens. Dear friend, if God bestows a blessing on you which you cannot manage, He takes it from you and bestows it on another. Some believers are so loose like the Prodigal Son that they cannot control their appetites. They eat and drink anywhere, talk any how anywhere, dress without any sense of decency and still hope to be custodians of God’s favors. Dear child of God, it does not work that way. We can only be true custodians of God’s blessings when we position and comport ourselves appropriately. Unless we are able to do so we may end up losing what is genuinely ours by right.
On another level, spiritual forces can also avert or divert destinies. The devil can place on hostage one who he projects may become promising. The devil can hamper destinies through manipulations. Indeed, there can be delay of destinies and even certain distortions and alterations. I have good news for you today; the will of God must prevail in the end. Friend, destinies have always been changed, can be changed and will continue to be changed. As you read and meditate on this reflection today, I pray that whatever is toiling with your destiny will be greeted with disappointment in Jesus name. Your destiny cannot be exchanged because you are in Christ.

MASS: WHITE Acts 8:26-40; Ps 66:8-9. 16-17.20; Accl.Jn 6:51; Jn 6:44-51

Prayer Points:
1. Take the song, “I will be what the Lord says I will be, God will work out His plans for my life in the name of Jesus. I will be what the Lord says I will be…”
2. Father, thank You for the consolation in Your word.
3. Father, let destiny exchangers working against me and my family be frustrated in Jesus name. Amen.
4. Place your hand on your chest and make this declaration: my destiny cannot be exchanged. I will fulfill God’s purpose for my life and become what He made me to be. My future is secured in Christ from evil forces and my life is in His mighty hands. Alleluia!
5. O God, let whatever power mortgaging Your glory in my family receive shame and disgrace in Jesus name. Amen!

Exercise: Pray the prayer of the “Rosary of Liberation” three times today.

Meditation: Esther 6:9