Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 3:18

Having successfully participated in this year’s 21 days fasting and prayers, the Holy Spirit says to us, “There is no place for stagnancy with God.” There is always room for growth in God. We continue our journey towards perfection until the day we will see Him as He really is. As believers, however, the only alternative available to us is for us to continue to grow higher with and in God. Our only quest and aim must be to soar higher and higher until we reach the utmost heights. Believers must never settle for a life of mediocrity. We must always make the better life our quest and aim. St Thomas Aquinas says, “Not to go along the way to God is to go back.”

St. Paul understanding this fact of the Christian life said, “The one thing I do, is to forget what is behind me and reach for what is ahead.”  (Phil. 3:13) This should be the attitude of every believer. There should never be an end to our strife for spiritual growth. For St. Vincent De Paul says, “The more we conquer ourselves the more He gives us His grace; and if today we have had powers to overcome our difficulty, tomorrow and the day after we shall be able to surmount others that are much greater and more distressing.” No wonder St. Clare prayed thus: “Dispose of me as You please; I am Yours by having consecrated my will to God. It is no longer my own.” How much consecration to God do you have? What distinctive efforts are you making to grow in your understanding about God? In our reflection of 31st of August 2016, we lamented the proliferation of spiritual quacks; noting that many Christians fall victim of them because they lack knowledge and do not know Jesus Christ. Beloved in Christ the Holy Spirit tells us today that we need to grow unto matured believers. We should be tired of taking only spiritual milk, and begin to be able to chew bones and represent Jesus as His ambassadors here on earth. To achieve this, St. Charles Borromeo advises us. He says, “He who desires to make any progress in the service of God must begin every day of his life with new ardour, must keep himself in the presence of God as much as possible, and must have no other view or end in all his actions but the divine honour.”

We must desire to soar higher in our spiritual life. We must be determined to grow each day and never relent in our efforts towards perfection. As St. Paul will say, “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what the Lord has for those whom He has MASS: WHITE 2 Tm 1: 1-8 or Ti 1: 1-5; Ps 96: 1-2a. 2b-3. 7-8a. 10; Mk 4: 21-25 TIMOTHY AND TITUS, BPS M called.” (1 Cor. 2:9) We must desire to eat more of the scroll of God, grow in our prayer life, improve our fasting, give more quality time to reflection and meditation, overcome sinful habits, develop better eating and talking manners, improve on our relationship with our neighbors and be charitable to those we meet.

MASS: WHITE 2 Tm 1: 1-8 or Ti 1: 1-5; Ps 96: 1-2a. 2b-3. 7-8a. 10; Mk 4: 21-25 TIMOTHY AND TITUS, BPS M

Prayer Points:

  1. Take this song: “Higher Ground”.
  2. Thank God for today’s message and the blessings from the fasting program.
  3. Father, create a hollow in me that will make me long for You at all times especially now that my eyes are opened to Your greatness.
  4. Pray for all church leaders especially those whom the devil has caught in the web of pride.
  5. Lord, increase my speed and Your grace upon my life.

Exercise: Take the prayer of “Spiritual Renewal” today.

Meditation: Isaiah 40:31